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Cynthia Jan 2019
In the eyes of the Sun,
Amidst the grey clouds,
May he see the Moon that shines,
Heaven, oh divine,
Under the cascade of stars,
Night of our past,
Great beauty of the sky,
Right, as we may deny,
Youth is never a smile.
Okay, I wrote this to tell my mom that I was hungry. (Read the first letter of each line) but then I realized that I actually kinda like it? Idk, my mind is weird, sorry.
Cynthia Jan 2019
I remember.

That deserted park,
I do, I do remember!
We used to run around,
Playing hide and seek,
The seven of us.

The hidden pond,
In that old forest,
Don't you remember?
We pushed each other into the water,
The six of us.

That little wooden house,
At the end of our road,
Ah, I would always remember,
We sneaked in,
And deemed it our hide out,
The five of us.

Oh, and our cramped up apartment,
How could I forget?
Watching late night movies,
Waking up tired as ever,
But never with a trace of regret,
The four of us.

And that abandoned theme park,
We always went on the Ferris Wheel,
When it reached the top,
We could see the whole land,
We swore we would travel it all one day,
The three of us.

That dusty old caravan,
Oh my,
Don't you remember?
We used to drive it to the end of the world,
Parked it in a field,
And talked about our future,
Gazing up at the stars,
The two of us.

And how I remember,
Laying down next to you guys,
In a pretty grass field,
Six stones surrounding me,
As I dozed off.

I remember...
Cynthia Jan 2019
The warmest colour I know.
When you embrace me in your arms,
I'm no longer cold.

Hearth of the Sea,
The fire it brings,
The fire I need.

Oh please stay for the night,
I don't want to say goodbye,
Let me look longer,
I'm finally home,
In your eyes.
This just came outta nowhere??? From where I live, there aren't any blue eyed people. I thought the idea was sweet though, so I wrote it.
Cynthia Jan 2019
Put on your little fake mask,
Don't let them see you stumble,
No you can't

Flashes of White,
Flashes of Red,
Which will you chose?

Put on your little fake mask,
No need for them to worry,
All they know is who you are,
Up there,
On stage.

So don't show them,
Don't show them you're broken,

That's not who you are after all,
Put on your little mask.
This is about idols coming up and performing on stage, no matter how tired they get. I saw a performance of a band and they were all doing good. But in backstage, they were all SO tired. It was heartbreakimg seeing how much effort they put but how tired they really are.
Cynthia Jan 2019
I Hate You.

Leave and never return,
Oh, I don't want you here anymore!
Vast irritance is what you bring,
Every time you utter those stupid, stupid words.

Yet, you never learn do you?
One day, you shall but-
Until then, I hate you.
This poem is just so pent up and winded. I'm not sure I like it that much tbh.
Cynthia Jan 2019
"Hello? Yes? Are you-"
Hang up
Hang up!
Shut up,
Sit down,
Don't talk.

"Never mind,
Sorry to bother,
I'll just,
What the hell,

Just looking out,
For what might happen,
If you stumble or stutter,
What would they think? Imagine!

But if you do this,
Every time I talk,
I won't have anyone,
To help me out!

"Hey, we're having a party,
Wanna come over and have fun?"
"That would be great- "
"But... Err, I have some work,
That needs to be done"

Again, really?
Now what may the problem be?
It's just, so many people!
So much danger!
Urgh, I hate you Anxiety.
I don't think I have anxiety but I hate social gatherings and having to talk to strangers, sometimes even friends cause I'm scared of what they might say or think. If there's anyone out there who does have anxiety, know that you're not alone, you aren't repulsive and you wont be friendless forever. There are people out there who are accepting and willing to help.
Cynthia Jan 2019
Once upon a time,
I used to dream for light,
As I slept alone in bed.
And there I lay,
Either filled with thoughts,
Or filled with an empty head.

Then one cold night,
As the moon rose high,
I saw a book on the shelf,
I wiped off the dust,
And closed my eyes,
And then...

I read.

"Hello Cynthia!
Welcome back!
We missed you!
They all said.
And then I followed them home,
Deep through the woods,
Never to be seen again.
I just love Winnie the Pooh. It was my whole child hood and it brings back so many memories when I watch it. I honestly love them. So so much.
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