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  Nov 2014 Ambitious Wanderer
We are over, we are through
Funny how we promised to last
I guess we both meant
Only for a night
Finally gone is your ghost
I must say it was for the best
The memories we made
Will forever with me stay
They are sweeter than you ever were
One by one,
The petals fall,
Softly to the ground.

One by one,
My tears fall,
Rolling down my cheeks.

We are just the same, you and I
We are both longing to survive,
But as every petal falls and every tear rolls,
The beauty inside us slowly dies.
Everyone is beautiful, no matter what. But soon were all going to die. Beauty cannot live forever.
I thought having this done would change me. But, all I have understood now is that I made a scar to myself, a scar that would always remind me that I was so deeply into someone and it was gone. I thought it would make a change in my life, a new beginning. Instead, I would always be reminded of what happened because of this. Thus, this would always be a part of my story, a story to be told to someone who would accept me and would wait for me whatever it takes to be by my side.
You are so friendly.
We get together easily.
Talked and laughed,
Teased and loved.

Something changed.
I needed space.
You understoood
And I left.

Years after, I was good.
I got back.
We were together again.
Still friends no matter what happened.

But now, I don't know.
Just recently you changed.
You were one of my most trusted friend.
But now all I could say is I don't know.
You've changed.
A friend who I thought won't change but now I don't know what happened.
When the sun fades away, paving night's way
and the moon swoops in, riding a swift chill
as we sit on the sand, held in the moment's sway
i reach across and tuck, a curl gone astray

It seems like yesterday, strangers we were
the tide came and went, but I wouldn't stir
bobbing along the sea, a boat without an oar
drifting along to where, I couldn't say anymore

then you waltzed in, like a cool summer breeze
when i glimpsed you at first, time stood still
my heart that had gone dead, knew life again
a smile and a skip later, my demons were slain

I've never known love to hold magic such
as if I were a violin, strings begging to be touched
and you played a dream, that ripped me apart
kiss me my love, now that you've stolen my heart
in your heart
there is gold
in your heart
lies a brave spirit
in your heart
lives a sparrow
singing a tune of hope
in your heart
is a spark
that will set the world on fire
in your heart
lives truth and hope
and love and life.
open it.
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