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  Apr 2016 Psychoticries
For you have your mother's eyes, dear child
And my heart sinks lower every time I look
Because you are a reminder of what I've failed to do
A reminder that I was a coward
And when I gathered my courage it was too late
Your mother died knowing I was only bad
She died before ever hearing my goodbye
She died before ever knowing what's in my heart
And that night, she brought all goodness in me to die along
And left my broken heart shattered to pieces, beyond repair
A free verse on what Snape might have felt everytime he looked at Harry.
  Jan 2016 Psychoticries
Day Wing
Men are brutal, having stones for a heart
Pain and anguish, these are their work of art
Among them you will live, try to play along
My child, my child, please stay strong

If they attack, they aim for the very soul
To break their prey, that is their standing goal
You will see them hunting all day long
My child, my child, please stay strong

In their eyes, you will never see remorse
To conscience, they have long been divorced
Cries and shouts to them are a lovely song
My child, my child, please stay strong

Someday, my child, this will all be history
Love and compassion, they will one day come to be
But for now, you will live amongst monsters
My child, my child, please stay strong
I met a genius on the train
about 6 years old,
he sat beside me
and as the train
ran down along the coast
we came to the ocean
and then he looked at me
and said,
it's not pretty.

it was the first time I'd
  Jan 2016 Psychoticries
Arlo Disarray
I've done some pretty terrible things in my life
I've been cruel
Some might even say evil

I've pulled people apart and spit on their insides
Looked them in the eyes and burned their corneas to a crisp
I've tasted the blood of a few dozen hearts, accumulating a taste for pain

I'm selfish
And I do things without thinking
The world is always crashing into me, knocking me off of my feet
And I should be saying "thank you"
because I exhaust myself too often if I'm not put in my place

My heart was once fleshy and pink,
but the color and softness have been stripped from me
And now, in its place, are some old, rusted bits of scrap metal and cactus spines

The stories people read within my eyes are not fairy tales, but often, they're lies
And the truth gets shuffled away with my smile
Under some dirt and fallen leaves in a pile
  Jan 2016 Psychoticries
He kept it in the fridge
On the top shelf
On a plastic plate
No care for health
Opening the door how he would smile
But if we looked in there
Or mouths would fill with bile

It's his most cherished part
Y'know when he stole her heart
And threw it in the drain
Hoping that the rain
Would wash away the stain

So he kept this part in his fridge
A kinda trophy like a kid
But only he looks at it
As he touches his ****

Remembering all the fights
Her screaming out into the night
For someone to help her now
While he slashed and cut
And screamed and howled

And so he looks into her eyes
The fridge light makes them shine
As he touches his prize of crime
And when he's all spent
The fridge door
Will close again
It's now or never
Time latches hearts together

Every lapse of love a man dies
Deep inside these men is a devil in disguise
Love is our fire within
How we breath
How we think
How we live
The heart is where the man begins

It's now or never
Time latches hearts together

So will you be my love forever?*

*-Joseph B Schneider
© Joseph B Schneider. All rights reserved
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