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Austin B Mar 2022
Grasping onto heavy eyes
Crawling out from under
A pale morning blue skies
Tis but your deep, perpetual slumber
Deafening shutters of reality
Echoes of memories past
Dissecting life's totality
Black emptiness at last
Sip on the warmth of hope
Do not endure without
The never ending *****
You'll be fine
I have no doubt.
Austin B Aug 2020
There's a bird at your window.
Chest cloaked in a lush boastful yellow.
Timid dust brown feathered head,
with flurries of white laced around its neck.
There's a bird at your window.
Singing the echoes of blissful memories,
majestic tones of innocence.
There's a bird at your window.
Eyes filled to the top with intuition,
feathers fluttering with intent,
not a worry in the world.
There's a bird at your window.
Wondering if it knows,
knows what world we live in today,
or if it even cares.
There's a bird at your window.
Austin B Aug 2020
Hello there.
Yes you,
You eloquently diverse human individual
that has chosen to be in this exact moment of time,
time that we all share on this planet we call home.
This year may not be the one we imagined,
but it will be the one we remember.
The one we tell our kids about,
about how the world changed,
how it was the year for no regrets,
the year for no kiss held back,
no voice unheard.
You are magnificent.
The ability to alter the future,
a future of wonder and prosperity,
a world of closeness and warmth.
In a time of distancing we forget who we are.
And breathe.
You are okay.
Your unattainables will be attained, this is the year.
The year you will remember,
where you became You.
Don't hold back,
embrace the little conversations,
the steam on your glasses while drinking
your morning coffee.
A polite hello to a neighbor, a stranger, a friend.
Fully embracing someone else's troubles for a day,
Standing outside in the rain on purpose.
Do this world a favor,
And don't forget its still our world.
Austin B Jul 2019
here again
familiar space,
far from home
a distant place

reflections abundant
hellos all around,
don't take my word
its not how it sounds.

sitting back
sipping back,
nothing more
just a simple track

wading here
until sunrise,
winds a gust
until we realize

iv been gone for a while
but now im back
not sure for how long,
but please,
don't lose track.
nature mind flow free verse
Austin B Oct 2018
So here we are on year number eight,
It feels like yesterday, when we started to date.
Through high-school, university and more,
I can't wait to see what the future has in store.
You are my rock that keeps me stable,
And the sunshine that keeps me bright,
Here is to eight more years,
Of nothing but pure delight.
Austin B Apr 2018
Knowing you
Is a privilege.
Loving you
Is a blessing.
Austin B Apr 2018
Back to basics
Blackness takes this
Dreaded, undying,
Night of forever innateness
Hold me close
Forever weightless
Slowly slythering,
Chaotic stasis.
Look to me,
It's more than greatness,
Not that same old,
Wanna be fakeness,
It's that voice inside you,
That total imbraceness,
Awake from reality,
You are the nameless.
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