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The skies look like they are going to cry tonight.
I fell asleep
Beneath a cherry blossom
Because the spring had made it bloom
And it reminded me of you

I fell asleep
Beneath a cherry blossom
Because your lost to me and gone foervever
But it was like sleeping next to you


I fell asleep
Beneath the cherry blossom
Because I had no other choice
My heart told me to

I fell asleep
Beneath the cherry blossom
Because I had no place I should be
And it felt like home to me
I hope people recognize how profound and beautiful this poem is, but I've learned not to expect as much. Anyways, I hope y'all enjoy
When you appear to disappear,
a near miss in the atmosphere.
The patterns clear,
and what’s happening here,
Is the same things still,
after all these years.

Talking **** again.

Now you're back again,
acting as if nothings happened,
your trying to laugh it off again,
as if were best friends,
but I can’t pretend this won’t be a repeat like last time.

Telling lies again.

When actually,
this is just your favourite pastime;
you’ve been missing in action for weeks.
No message to check i’m ok.
No call on my birthday.
Now you’ve got the cheek to call on me,
and fall on me,
as you can’t stand on your own two feet.

Drunk again.

So don’t act surprised,
like you don’t know.
When you phone you meet the answering tone.
It’s too late too atone now that i’m all grown,
Maybe you’ll find out now what it’s like to be alone.

**Never again.
in solipsism,
soul left
upon a pole.
you're lips move,
but you never listen.
on a solo groove,
smooth hedonism,
to soothe the mood,
in equidistance;
your body glistens.
The music rules you,
in a
restricted prison -
grinding bars,
wars of attrition.
you never missed
a final kiss,
at your own insistence,
pole position,
you never listened.
I loved you before the alcohol,
Hourglass to the soul,
hour pass,
days maybe...
in between the formulation of golden nuggets in the mountains silver sands.
You held my hand and through velvet touch,
Electricity meander through my arms,
before the storm calm,
the start of a heart attack -
then the pack of house of cards collapsed.
In a deserts smile,
you flatlined through our favourite past times.
The pastures rich with buttercups
and dandelions like the last time.
When we walked over the train tracks harvest.
Last summer and last spring.
Somethings are everlasting,
and some pass like storm clouds without one droplet of rain,
in casting,
our love grew like tulips,
Yellow, red and blue,
but soon come the rain,
our muses loses,
rendered useles;
I went away and
It's too soon to explain myself,
For that.
with cap in hand.
Lost in hearts melted by false starts,
and feathered cap,
Falsetto moods
sharp stilettos,
slap back.
I couldn't let go when the sun came through,
and a calming parting of the clouds where the rain came blue.
I thought I could live without you,
but I bottled it,
Now I've nothing left to give,
but my gift to you.
sinking, sleeping in the land dunes
trying to understand you.
Distance will ****,
My heart and my soul.
3,396 miles.
114 miles.
Too many distances,
Too many miles.
I need to be close
To the people I love.
Today was the first time I've tried to write this year. Been having a bit of block.
For B,
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry I cannot bare to speak to you.
I'm sorry if I hurt you.
But most of all,
I'm sorry you couldn't love me.

And if what you quoted to me was truth,
I miss you too.
And what you thought was correct,
I am trying desperately hard to forget you.
It's just not that easy.

I wonder if you still think of me.
If you still check up on me
As I do you, more often than I'd care to admit.

But darling if you ever read this,
I want you to know
That I did love you.
And despite everything I still do.
I'd give anything to erase these past few months
And go back to how things were
When I could hear your name without wanting to **** myself.

I miss you,
Yet again this is written about the same boy.
You said I was like a sister to you
I knew that was how it would be
Well still I can't stop loving you
Despite the pain it may cause

Now I write you down on this page
Hoping one day maybe you'll see
You are the only for me
And I the only for thee

So hold me close, tightly
Just this one time
That maybe you could warm to it
The idea of you and I

And if you ever could love me
Let me know right away
For im sure the pain it would **** me
Waiting just waiting for you to come by
This one's about a different boy
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