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Shall I scare you will imagination
Teach you fear through hallucination
Every terror crawling in your skin
Pulse racing faster than anything
Horror chasing you in your mind
Even with no safe place to find
No where left to run, or to hide

Killing thoughts you never cried
In pages of macabre and mystery
New visions of forgotten history
Greeted in the books of the king
Copyright © Chris Smith 2016
People change as they get older
Some get strong
Some get bolder.
But sometimes they change
In ways not so great to others
To others they may seem strange.
My friend today has changed
But in the way that is not so great
A foe they seem to be
In the race for reputation
My friend has turned foe.
You may think
No one loves you
But there is always
Someone who will.

Even if you feel lonely;
Whether it be god
Or something else
Just remember always
There is someone.

Someone who will hold you
Catch you when you fall
Kiss you when you need
Hug you on bad days
Always back you up.

Happiness, is a curse,
If you let it be.
Make it be a blessing.
Maybe it's not always bad to feel empty.
Maybe it just means you've given your love away and poured your heart out.
Maybe we should all be empty, of all our dreams, our hopes, our wanting.
Maybe when we find our one thing to pour our all in
Then we'll be glad we can be empty.

Or at least begin to be.
I met a man.. that I believe..I have dreamt into existence.
He spoke life into my dreams, dried my tears, when I cried from my ever healing soul, planted lavender below my window sills, surfed the ups and downs of my complicated moods and patiently waits..

He's the constant, I never knew was real, the strength that keeps my back from bowing, the gentle...that soothes every doubt.

He's the description of what truly meant to be.
Copyright © Natasha Ivory Evans 2016
An insipid tattoo on a worn out drum
Shells that have become ashtrays
In the mundane reality of life
Thoughts dimly reflected
In the ***** puddles
Scattered crumbs
In cold sheets
It's just a
the who's who's
the ties and suits
the black and white
the stripes, the sleuths
the egocentric
tall, concentric
parts of us parade
through the cities
in the minds
we make ourselves,
for only ourselves
on streets we walk alone,
in need of truth.
Blue planet eyes spinning
In the galaxy of his skull
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