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why do i feel
like i'm always searching
like i'm never complete.

what is it
that i'm missing the whole time
is it something or someone.
Hope i'll find them one day
Beauty within the darkness
Hidden like a secret
The key not to be found
He lights the candle
She was beautiful than ever
And the darkness fell in love
with the candle

Again and again
candle in the darkness: 6
Yes, I am messy and beautiful
I am fragile and brave
Passionate and lazy
Either you can stay and accept,
embrace the whole me.
Every bits, mistakes and elegance
Or just be gone.
Don't try to filter.
I can still smile,
I can still see the shine
Though it was a mere candle
For me the light was bright as sun
to that candle who made darkness a beautiful sight.
candle in the darkness: 5
I know you have a life
And i'll always respect your choices
But let me be
Let me be miserable in your absence,
Let me find happiness in your smile,
Let me drown in your thoughts,
Let me wait for the impossible.
So when the time comes to let you go,
I can say "i tried".
Just let me try to live with less regrets
It started snowing.
She walked outside in awe,
Dressed in her favorite pink jacket and tights.
Trying to catch snow pellets, she giggled from the cold feeling.
First times are always special.
I still can’t say which is more beautiful,
The snow or the girl
Must be her
I promised you my heart
You took it, and you left
I promised you happiness
You took it, and you left
You promised me forever
I took it for granted, and you left

I felt abandoned and cold
I felt unloved and loathed
I felt lifeless but not dead, yet
I stood there, waiting for you to return
Days after days, weeks after weeks
You never did come, but something else did
Hate, yes hate.

I hate you because you made me smile
I hate you because you showed me heaven
I hate you because you gave me a taste of love
But mostly,
I hate you because I am still in love with you

— The End —