Today, O' today
brandon nagley
brandon nagley
Mar 22, 2016


Today, O' today
I got her letter in the mail;
Filled with pictures of mine
Queen, she sent me
Poems done by me, in her


Today O' today
I got lipstick kisses on
Her notes, the red stood
Out of all she wrote;
As her amour was
So fine.


Today O' today
Anon mine spirit's soared,
That fashionable vellum
O' I adored. O' Jane Sardua,
O' Jane of Earl. O' rose of Asia;
The Luzon's pearl.


Today O' today
I smiled again, because mine lover,
And mine best friend. Her ardent sonnet
Displayed her touch, grabbing mine soul,
In heaven's blush, silently tear's came to
a rush; from joy's overtaking.


Today O' today
O'er the blue, I made mine stay.
Consatero, ah veray,
Queen Jane, Queen Jane,
Of Asia's praise;
Today O' today
How I fell in
Love again.

©,Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poets poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( àgapi mou)

Vellum- smooth writing paper...
Anon- at once, or immediately.
Blush- not of embarrassment... Meaning as of color...
O'er- over in archaic form .
Consatero- is a word I created meaning... ( blissful in sound and color)
Ah veray - is another word or words put together meaning- ( venerated ( meaning regard with great respect) and elevated in honor and glory ..

Note- I made this poem about the amazing love letter Jane sent me in the mail. The old fashioned way of sending love if ones far away how it used to be sent and still should be sent. Though everyone's so inter-web connected now they've lost touch with humanity in themselves and others... As big reason I took break from poetry sometimes we need it. Now I'm back. Plus I've been sick lately and not doing best but I'll be OK with God with me... Jane sent me a lovely envelope an envelope I've never seen before with a beautiful skin texted layer... Her handwriting is so beautiful, and her message in the two page letter touched mine soul where I did have tears because seeing how much she loves me really makes me feel blessed again and again daily!!! And she sent me three pics... Older ones. One of her as she was a little girl. One during elementary school and a later one... Alll so beautiful and queen like!! And she is a well know calligraphist and getting better by the day. Though really a starter shes already professional as she's getting professional lookers looking her way ... Calligraphy is the old fashioned style handwriting practiced from long ago. Like the beautiful old way of writing you used to see in poetry. She sent me poems that are mine own poems though handwritten in her calligraphy!!! Such a gift it was as I was very down yesterday and this was a pickmeup!!! A blessing!! And a treasure I will cherish until we meet and beyond!!! Thank you so much mine Reyna Jane... Soulmate... Best friend!! Lover...alll... My àgapi mou. Zoi mou, anasa mou!!!m se letrevo queen!!!!!

Note - wanna follow Jane and her calligraphy on Instagram you can find her I believe at yellow_majesty or Earl Jane sardua maybe that is try Earl Jane Nagley... But try yellow_majesty first. Also Earl Jane Nagley on fbook. To ask her for info on her calligraphy... As she needs support ... Thank you friends!! And thank you for all of your support!!! (:::
Today, I am sane.
May 14, 2014

Today, I am sane.

The world has order and I am belonging.


#i   #sane   #today  
Julio Armando
Julio Armando
Sep 26, 2014

I decided to be happy,
is just a ghost
is just a dream.
i´ll be happy.

#dream   #happy   #tomorrow   #today   #yesterday  
Today I talked to you
Essa Freedom
Essa Freedom
Oct 28, 2014

Today I talked to you
Yesterday I thought you we like all the rest
Today I learned the truth
Yesterday I thought only lies
Today you told me I love you
Yesterday I said it to you

#love   #today   #yesterday  
Today was just another day.
Megan H
Megan H
Nov 26, 2011

Today was just another day.
Except I was alone,
And you weren't there.

Today was different.
As will tomorrow
And the many other todays.
I don't like today anymore.

I miss the mornings,
When I woke up
And thought, today will be great.
Today isn't great.
Not without you.

#sadness   #death   #alone   #loss   #today  
of today.
Brian Gibson
Brian Gibson
Jun 15, 2014

"Make the
of today.
it's time
that slipped

#living   #time   #alive   #today   #opportunity  
Forgotten Heart
Forgotten Heart
Feb 13, 2015

when I saw you
I just closed my eyes
but there I saw you
just like the way
I saw you for
the first time

#love   #you   #miss   #today  
Today was just the same
Kevin J Taylor
Kevin J Taylor
Oct 25, 2015


Might as well be yesterday
Today was just the same

Ends today's beauty*
Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
Apr 21, 2016

Moment of sadness
Breaches tranquil peacefulness
Ends today's beauty

#sad   #haiku   #sadness   #today   #jack   #jenkins   #poetfreak  
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