A junkie is, a junkie was, a junkie here? a dime a dozen.
A junkie girl? just sixteen.
Choose to see life, a different sheen.
Needle never, needle then.
Needle why, in need of a friend.
Need some love, to warm my bones.
was frightened then, terribly alone.
A junkie was, a junkie why.
A junkie wished she could die.
A junkie lost it, skinny and sick.
all that's left, bones to pick.
A junkie disease, a junkie cure.
Don't know if you can recover for sure.
A good person now, a junkie then.
Hard to tell who might win.

Past, future, hopeful.
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My beloved let me hug you on this beautiful evening
Your taste and flavor has just taken my heart and soul
How can I explain style how can I forget your bending
My beloved you are my mission and my aim ,my goal

I do not know where my love will subside ,culminate
Apparently there are very many hurdles,ups and downs
Allow beauty to openly accept all love graces to satiate
To be on the path of progress, prosperity to wear crowns

Edge of eternity is waiting to make this pursuit glorious
Let's march on to the destination without any fear or fret
This is what is called labor of love without being laborious
When destiny is clear in sight then there is no fear or threat

Col Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright 2016 Golden Glow

#fear   #no   #or   #threat  
Brent Kincaid
Brent Kincaid
Nov 20, 2016

I can’t watch the news anymore
That ugly orange man is a bore
And a pompous ass and a jerk.
Him in charge? That’ll never work.
We are in such trouble, so deep
It’s a wonder any of us can sleep.
I find myself in a constant depression.
It’s like Americans didn’t learn the lesson
In the last of several pointless wars.
We were all taught now and before
When we sent our young off to die
And we weren’t even really sure why.

We brought many of them back in bags
Left the living in dumps and rags
Because we stopped acting like better men
In taking care of our sacrificed veterans.
And did we invest the money wisely instead?
No we chose to obscenely feather the beds
Of people who were never under threat
And we haven’t wised up. No, not yet.
We keep on throwing good toward evil.
Like feeding cotton fields to boll weevils
We elect criminals without recompense.
So little leadership today makes sense.

The land we live in today is so strange.
Right and wrong have been rearranged.
We are lied to and we cheer them on
Until almost all our rights are gone,
Make heroes out of thieves and crooks
Mostly based on fame and their looks.
Half of us don’t even know the issues.
The rest of us reach for the tissues.
Our only solid hope was for us to vote
The sad thing is we’re in the same boat
And no matter what the right is thinking
Our sick national boat is quickly sinking.

May 4, 2016

He will not fix it,
He is such a bleak assignment
He is bigoted as fuck!
But I'm surprised
You're voting him to power,
And in English, that would be

He will push you back 50 years
On opinions about modern living,
He will fuck your families and
Ask you to never leave Churches.
Somebody come and look at this,
All puny mods are voting for
A Phoney Republic!

You might very well need
More oil
Stage 9/11 and get more
Private armies to Middle East?
Create more ISISs, Make
All Muslims look Evil,
Give them a free ride to
West and EU
And finally make them
Fat, Dumb and Addicted to Reality TV!

Well, just run off to Mexico,
There'll at least be a wall between you and Trump!

If my poem offends you, you should probably leave.I feel pity America!
#stupid   #america   #dumb   #president   #threat   #election   #trump  
Feb 19, 2016

I happen to live in Central Indian-
Forests, I collect wood and honey
And have no idea about English woods
And Manchester clothes, I belong
To the soil, I’m anti national?

I live on concessions, subsidies
And support, And You call me-
‘Dark skinned untouchable’; today
I don’t have bells over my neck
I’m proud of me, I’m anti national?

I always spoke of empowerment,
Marx and Che run my blood and
I’m a utopian reality to you
But you cannot ignore my voice
I’m not outdated, I’m anti national?

I believe in ‘being human’ above all-
Traits, I live beyond geographies
And I cannot stand war and bloodshed
You brand me as an activist, I’m
Just humane, I’m anti national?

I do not belong to the 80% of our
Country’s population, but I’m as
Much a patriot as you, My God
Is same as yours, How am I an
Alien? I’m anti national?

I don’t believe in the power and safety
You claim with a nuclear reaction.
I see only explosions and devastation
I want my children to be safe, I love
The world, I’m anti national?

I don’t like vegetables, I eat meat-
Since birth. I will not force-feed you,
I respect your choice and I expect you
To be tolerant to what I cook-
At my home, I’m anti national?

I’m not Pakistani but I love them
As much I love an American or an
European. After all, we share
Our borders. I want to settle all
Disputes, I’m anti national?  

I married a man outside my tribe,
Love didn’t notice his 'official tribe',
Our children are a mixed tribe
And we celebrate life as it is,
We’re human-tribe, I’m anti national?

I stand with them with rainbow flags,
They deserve justice as much as you
And me. Give me one valid reason to
Call them unnatural? I want S377
To be scrapped, I’m anti national?

I celebrate my country’s diversity,
I don’t need your certificate to prove
My patriotism! This is India, I stand
With my constitution and its democracy
And I give a fuck about what you think!

Jai Hind!
Feb 15, 2016

You push me down
You throw me around
I dont make a sound
I dont want it to come back around

I get cut up
I wrap it up
I sew it up
While I fill your cup

Every drink
Every bottle
Every shot
Every trouble

Stays in my mind
You wont get away this time
Cross that line
And it will be your last time

You gave me scars
You gave me wounds
You damaged my mind
The forever doom

But I got you back
And now youre under
What do to think of that
Didnt hear my thunder

#anger   #sadness   #death   #abuse   #weird   #rhyme   #revenge   #threat  
Jan 11, 2016

My heart stops
& I have to check,
Just one more time.
I know it's not him,
But I'm terrified either way.
      I hate it,
When they look at me.
When 'he' looks at me,
Watching me...
      I know he does,
Because I'm on edge.
He threatens my family,
with nothing more than a stare.

& I want to run.

More poetry to cope with the "R" word.
(Possibility of more to add)
#word   #want   #run   #family   #he   #r   #rape   #look   #stare   #threat  
Hanna Mae Mata
Hanna Mae Mata
Oct 10, 2015

Then he asks her
the heaviest riddle
he carries
from the start,
of why
the lines written
her eyebrows
the calmness
of his heart.

#love   #hurt   #hearts   #calm   #threat  
Sep 4, 2015

My lungs are burning
And I start to sweat,
Not being able to breathe
Is my biggest threat.
My lungs fill with water,
And my breath gets shallow,
My chest is pounding,
But my heart is hollow.
My pulse is slowing,
And my stress is on the rise,
The pressure inside me is increasing,
As tears gather in my eyes.
My throat starts to shrink,
And my airway begins to close,
I begin to fall unconcious,
And blood drips from my nose.

#sweat   #water   #breathe   #drowning   #burning   #inside   #shallow   #lungs   #threat   #pounding  
Aug 6, 2015

On that day all I wanted to do was to protect them.
I wanted to crush those who threatened them.
But I didn't.
The fear that I couldn't control my demon was too much.
The true threat wasn't the people who threatened them.
The true threat was the demon inside, which I can't control.
This demon has a name but no physical form.
It's name is anger.

#friends   #anger   #threat  
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