Climbing the hills to nowhere
Enjoying each step,
With sweat and exhaustion
Still with smile and joy on our faces;
Rose blooming on everyone's cheek
Top of the mountain, I see
Time comes to an end but with wondérful memories engraved in our brain.

#friends   #short   #life   #sweat   #tired   #travel   #hills   #enjoy   #trip  
Lady Bird
Lady Bird
Dec 10, 2016

a stone castle of beauty
standing on the edge of day
where freedom's spirit lies
a lonely wounded beast
with eyes up to the skies

a dream plain and simple
streams of gentle chills
winds creassing the skin
spreading arms like wings
to jump the tallest hills

#lies   #beauty   #day   #sky   #skin   #wings   #hills   #beast   #castle  
Megan Kay
Megan Kay
Dec 6, 2016

So warm with subtle life
Rolling desert hills and splotches of green

I loved your plains
Oh the tanned beauty

But I, from the north east
Could never predict the lack of hydration

For seasons don't change in the desert
And rain rarely falls upon the plains

I was going through the motions
All the snow, and changing of leaves

You watched with great admiration
At my ever changing emotions

And your dry surface cracked
And I knew you could never freeze

But I was bitten by the frost
And have not seemed to mind the cost

McDonald tsiie
McDonald tsiie
Dec 5, 2016

Let's go out a couple of nights
One feels up whilst the other bites
Let's do what feels right
Lets not fight

Lets not take drugs and fake hugs
Lets passionately get lost in each others arms
I'm waiting on the back of the hill
Staring at the highway trying to stand still

Are you patient? Oh please
Are you patient? Are you free?
Can you see? How it's obscene?

Come on now make a scene
Come tomorrow I'm coming clean
Cross my heart and hope to die
And wonder next who'll lie

I was counting on deceit of the day
To create a proper feeling of
What I was going to say
But I would make false re-sort
That said I never trusted strangers
And my crushes weren't short

So lets let love play it's part
Before we're apart lets start

#crush   #hills   #highway   #dates  
Devin Ortiz
Devin Ortiz
Dec 4, 2016

Down below, in the little mountain town
By the river the splits the east and west
I, heading out the door realize I'm far away
Sentiment hits at the liquor store
As hills once dead and brown
Have been reborn into lush greens
Realizing how much time has past
When I skipped through towns
Like a stone fighting to sink or swim
Things are different now, down below
In this little mountain town.

#freedom   #life   #change   #experience   #mountain   #hills   #moves  
McDonald tsiie
McDonald tsiie
Oct 2, 2016

Everything is a puzzle
Your appearance puts everything into place
Reminds me of those 546 days

A makeup artist on your face would just do an over do
A certified stylist can't even style you
Eyes cute like a small kitty lenses

Your smile lights me up like the morning sunshine
You're more than absolute no fine
The way you smile...
It's like you have gold grills in all your teeth it blinds my eyes

Bring your heart I'll bring my soul that's poetically deep
"You my sanity, a soul to keep"

My heart was once a lost cause and I've waited
Without you I never made
You never degraded
I saw you I faded
Not knowing your heart is where my heart is situated

Your love is affecting
Us is nothing without U
I need you more than anything
That's all I'm asking

A heartbeat ticking like time I wrote apologies
Thousand of thoughts we created memories
Climbing the weekend hills
A customise yourself with the screams

Through mountain tops and river peaks
We aren't getting any cheaper thrills
Lagoon poetry and the beach
Baby girl I'd rather preach

Hold my hand
Let's climb the hills
Please please try by any means not to scream...

#heart   #eyes   #memories   #soul   #puzzle   #screams   #hills   #style  

sweetheart, sweetheart
here we come
from the hill nearby the river
we will take your first-born son
we will take and will deliver

sweetheart, sweetheart
close your eyes
he'll be taken to a palace
where nothing ends or dies
shines aurora borealis

sweetheart, sweetheart
here we are
singing songs of constellations
he will be our shining star
our blessing or damnation

Lynn Al-Abiad
Lynn Al-Abiad
Jul 4, 2016

إجا الربيع
الورود بعدها شي إنها شايفي ضو الشمس
و عم بت واسيلي إجرَيّي
و الفراشات ليك وَينون عم بيلعبو
و عم ب حورو و يدورو حوالي إيدينا ت يفلتُوون
و إنت بتروح بتلحقهم
لأنو بالنهاية ما في غير هل فراشات ت يرَجْعوك عل بيت قبل ما تغيب الشمس ب كعب الوادي

It's spring
The flowers are still young
And they would caress my feet
The butterflies are out there playing
And they would come play around our hands to detach them
And you would follow them
Because eventually the butterflies are the ones that would take you home before the sun sets down over the hill

لين اا -
- LynnAA

بقدم لك وردة, عبارة عن رقت قلب
I offer you a flower, a symbol of softness.


See the river coursing through the hills
Listen to it, hold your breath, stand still
Rapid, pumping like the blood in your veins
Whispering stories of love, joy, tears, pride and pain

Smoked and burnt out, black rock and white snow
A masterpiece as old as time, and the years certainly do show
Crumbling at the touch, old wrinlked face
Closer to the stars, alluring devine grace

Hand in hand they walk this path, ever since the beginning of time
One always humming, the other silently by his side
Old friend, how long has it been? Yes, so long, too long
So I'll stand firm and listen carefully until you finish yours song.

#friends   #nature   #friendship   #listen   #blood   #old   #song   #river   #mountain   #hills  
Jun 4, 2016

Shropshire the outback of hives and mires
A birthplace of industrial revolution
Built with erect iron and bricks
submerged in the depths of the water beds

Shropshire the strength in the metal structure
A cast of firm shields and fields
The greenery of contrasting yellowy yields
A mirage of hills sat on pillar heights

The breeze so fresh as sun prints on the canal
The warmth so intense as the bird hums in the nests
Labour artisans and metalsmith at the heart of coalbrook dale
Bricks aisles of pathways along the river
Bordered by vintage delicacies of the magnificent nature

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