Alyce Black
Alyce Black
7 days ago

This is how I like
my bruised skin
And how I like my sin

Pretty lights
across heavy flesh
ripe and warm
and wet
with the waters of

Sometimes I wonder if hell
is just a
fever dreamt
from the disorderly mind
of someone with issues
like mine

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It's like my heart can't contain you.

It's like I've let go of what was needed to let go of

to let you in.

And it's beyond my expectations
like slipping my feet into the beach

and finding my toes
underneath soft, warm sand
warmed by the sun.

And for so long I've denied myself

And for so long I've forced this picture that what I want

is better than what I truly need.

And I'm trying to understand why I had to give up one failed romantic relationship

in order to find another that is a hundred times better.

I realized that I had fallen

in love with my own poetry

I'd fallen in love with myself again and again and again

never truly allowing myself to fall
in love with anyone in reality
because my fantasies were so much better.

And then I met you

the beach, the sand, the cold lip of water lapping against my ankles
the submersion of water, salt, seaweed, and foam

your warm hand in my own
fingers latching

the beautiful sunrise
softly, strongly touching
a horizon stretching so many miles away but in one swift look

I saw balance. I saw joy. I saw the colors I've always loved and hoped to see one day.

It's like my heart can't contain you.

And the ocean is calling me home.

That giant expanse of glistening water reflecting the sun's willful welcome as a new day begins

so daunting so beautiful so overwhelming in its stark grandness

so familiar this feeling.

It's like I've known you for a very long time.

It's like I've found myself smiling with the waves now pressing against my gut

white sea foam dissolving quickly
tickling my torso
making me laugh
loud belly laughs
mouth stretched wide and daring
teeth showing
eyes crinkling
body shaking
legs trembling

The ocean of your love

is calling me home.

Am I ready to dive deeper?
Am I ready to submerge not just my torso but my head as well?
What if I can't breathe underwater?
What if I can't open my eyelids?

It's like my heart can't contain you.

But then I touch my neck

and find gills.

But then I touch my eyes

and find goggles.

And then I know

that I'm ready to dive.

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Violet – I am lavender,
Soft and sure.
Calm laughter.
Focused dedication.
10 minutes meditation.
Violet – I am silence.
No violence.
Violet is nothing wrong.
Like the sunset,
it can’t last long.

A stanza of a larger poem I'm working on for the equinox.
#balance   #spring   #color   #violet  

The darkness yearns for the light yet the light craves for the darkness.

Because that's just how life is.
#truth   #life   #thoughts   #darkness   #balance   #light  

"My Balance/Reflection"

Once I was an cancerous cell until he become my cure
So Raw and Pure
I Never knew A love like this before
He makes long for more.

He is my source of light that awaits me to shine his radiance upon my night just as the dawn adds the orangish yellow colors in the dazzling sky making me believe I'm a majestic bird that can fly
Feeling like a cloud floating so high

Don't awake me if I'm dreaming
You are giving my life a whole new meaning
Now I can even feel my heart beating
You resuscitated me, my life you have revived
I feel so alive

I have Breathed you in like oxygen
And just like that you became my addiction
That feeling of Rejection has been replaced with love and Affection
We did an Exchange of power
You became my strength and I became you weaknesses
No long am I a damsel in distress and you lay your head in between my chest as I put your fears and worry to rest.
Leaving behind the Burden
No more Hurting
No more searching

In eachothers arms we are The fortress  of our solitude
He's Calms my crazed mood
And my love Nourishes his inner being like grandmas Soul food.

In love with him did I just fall?
As I stare at him in awe
I am speechless for he's beyond what my mind could Fathom
He gives me Intellectual Orgasms
As my heart palpitations from making my body have multiple spasms.
Its Like a bee to the skin his love stung
And His gentle touch make me utter a foreign tongue
Thats when I noticed I was Sprung.
And my heart knew he was the one.

Its like the universe connected with me thru silent communication As I gazed upon the constellation and God spoke to me in conversation.
Telling me of how he's going to send me a mate to increase my spiritual elevation and give me postive motivation thru my toughest situations.

Then clouds opened up to show the Stars have aligned
And I knew it was a sign
That you were meant to be mine
For he was Crafted so carefully to be my divine design

Our souls Did a heavenly tango as if you are my sun, and am I your earth constantly rotating around each other For a new day to be birthed.

You keep me on my toes like I'm a ballerina
Pirouetting thru life with elegance, poise, and grace
And an infectious smile upon my face
Almost as if its my passion instead of one of my many hidden talents.
You keep me from stumbling, you are my equilibrium, my balance.

I was just another lonely soul in a place of inperfection until I gazed into the mirror and I saw you as my reflection.
That completely changed my perception Showing me that even with my flaws to you I'm Perfection.

As I drank from your fountain of youth
I realize that You validate my naked truth
Just as Boaz did Ruth.
Let's be the evidence that love can't die because its bulletproof.

M Harris
M Harris
Feb 20

Raging tides, Silent waters,  
Squalling back to reminiscent eons
Ethereal beauty to a much grander design
Under a radiant sun an azure skies
She died under my lusty blue eyes

An ocean within me pulsating
Through my veins
From the cradle to the grave
A mesmerizing force
A fragile balance,
Her silent breath
Fuels this vivid ever shining red….

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Nature  is  a repetition of  rituals
To keep balances  and  motion ..
And this is how life  goes   while,
I  countdown  the days  to I feel
the   joy  of  summer  breeze  as
kittens grow under the sunshine

Almost 6 years
#love   #life   #nature   #balance   #sunshine   #emotions   #waiting   #six  

Sometimes the balance is best served by removing the most insignificant weights from the scales of your life! In trying to put your life back together you may break your world into a thousand pieces, if you have that power, resist using it. It will not matter who or what tries to undo what you have done, only you can fix your life, if not in this world, then in the next. The balance in your life will be swift and served!

Something to think on.
Michael Robert Triska copyright 2017
#life   #world   #balance   #power  

You mind if I smoke?
You mind, if I fart?

Which is worse?
Not sure if this has been done before, butt, it's new to my mind :D
#balance   #smoke   #humor   #fart  
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