Scott F Hemingway
Scott F Hemingway
21 hours ago

Where I met allure
she was my craft inured  

that round my futon
when her neck was born

ready her an all nighter
with vita relinquished

uproariously keen in swelter
but really resurrected platitude

a scorcher for sure
and dreams whetted with desire

while attire was crumpling
here round my dumpling

the weather most attested her rap
that I'd relish her bare

much than sympathy again
always tile her spree.

#love   #season   #bliss   #heat   #fresh  
Zan Balmore
Zan Balmore
2 days ago

That feel when
re-burn fills bowl
out of gold
No clean smoke
No hairy rip
I scavenge
for oasis in glass
ash trays
Expect the soft
kiss and faint
sex sweat of old dreams
but the smoke
blows out and once
more the world shifts
For free

#too   #when   #weed   #feel   #high   #so   #that   #marijuana   #fresh   #zef  
tl b
tl b
2 days ago

Tendrils snake upwards hugging my bones, creating a throne inside me.
I call this Spring.
Budding and blossoming, I reach for the watering can within my soul, and I feel warm.
I lean forward and breathe in deep.
I think I see the sun, I think I taste oregano on the tip of my tongue.
I think I will sit, stay a while, grow.

#spring   #growth   #grow   #fresh  
V Anne
Mar 6

I remember
swirling my
around your knee cap.

by the rip
in your jeans.

The light touch
of skin.

I knew what
I was doing.

And I enjoyed it
so sincerely.
I surprised myself.

I had not expected
my body’s
(my heart’s)

I had not expect that
little, hopeful flutter.

I had not expected
that softening.

I let my heart
peak out
just like your
in that tight, black denim.

Am I reacting too quickly?

#love   #poem   #new   #emotion   #feeling   #jeans   #fresh   #revival  
Feb 27

My life is an unfinished artwork
It needs a retouch on how it should be.

Sometimes what i badly need is a fresh start...
#life   #new   #newbeginning   #fresh   #restart  

Old love was never
    quite satiating enough for you.
You crave charismatic candy,
    momentary magic in meeting
                                someone new.

         The unwrapping of a new piece,
            a tempestuous taste,  so sweet,
when fresh lips of melted sugar meet.

            It's energizing,
            yet, a tart treat...
      Soon, currents flash
            and static clings.

            So, sour is the apple,
     no longer green,
            eaten to its core.
When out with the old
   strikes a sudden caprice,
       and she, too, becomes a bore,
  leaving  you only
      desirous, once more,
                for a novel girl.

2-16-17 (C)

Musing on an old love, a flame that still burns, though mostly as a flicker.

Thanks for reading! K:)
#love   #desire   #lust   #new   #candy   #temptation   #fresh  

and when i walk past you

it still hurts.

the pain of being strangers,

when we were once good friends

is still raw

like freshly cut meat.

even though it's been years

since we stopped being friends,

i still remember your birthday

but i can't bring myself to wish you

and you still ask how my dog is,

on the odd occasion

that we run into each other.

becoming distant with someone,

hurts so much more

than having a fight

because had we fought,

we would've been allowed the mercy

of hating each other and being bitter.

except we drifted apart,

so we must endure small talk

and awkwardness.

#pain   #memories   #angst   #nostalgia   #old   #fresh  
Dec 28, 2015

I can smell the fragrance of the sun while beaming on my face.
So heavenly and refreshing.
An aroma I never smelled before,
It made me smile and blush.
Hiding behind the clouds, so coy.
The sun peeked and smiled on me.

#eyes   #sun   #nature   #smile   #heaven   #clouds   #sky   #face   #smell   #fresh  

I see you drivin'
'round town with the girl I love
and I'm like haiku

Living in fresh hell
is so hard to break.
When the volcano of life
threatens to spill and
burn everything in sight.

#hell   #anger   #frustration   #burn   #rage   #chaos   #volcano   #fresh  
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