1 day ago

ocean of misery
power and money
it's always the same
that all is fake
at least it seems to
let the steaming mist
slowly fade away

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5 days ago

The imbalance on my rivals
Shows the lack of knowledge
Can not compete against me,
Elevated in enlightenment / of vivid devotion...

Solitary thoughts made me bias,
Cipher rivals got me satire -
Y'all know my chicness, can't compare.

I am emitted to make a decision,
I will not give none my "treasure chest",
I will take a chance and risk my on,
Facing my decision it's a funny feeling...

It's about a girl I like
Other guys are competing with me
To get her...
6 days ago

My intuition is telling me,
There will be better days approaching...
I'm attempting to approach the approbation
Of my career that I is going to fulfil...
My thoughts get real rational,
My feelings get real vivid,
My chic get elevated,

My intuition is telling me,
There will be better days idiosyncratic...
My intuition is never incorrect,
My intuition is illumine not an illusion...
With my intuition I'm imperturbable
Not everyone has the same one...
Not everyone has the same one...
Not everyone has the same one...

Ugo Victor
Ugo Victor
7 days ago

I wonder who made you
The sun of my world
If not why does my world
Revolve around your light
And like the sun
Nothing comes close

I wonder who made you
The center of my gravity
If not why do I
And everyone around you
Get so dizzy
Around your laughter And of cos
The only one unflustered
Is you

Cos everytime you look
Or smile at me
I feel lightweight and high
And from up there
I can clearly see forever

I hope I'm at least a star
In your universe
Or maybe I'm one of your moons
Cos now i see my light
On everyone around me


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Nov 26, 2016

The clocks are ticking
If you haven't noticed
They gaining much more,
Momentum at each and every split second
It's time to make a move
Life is a chess game, played with blinks
You better not blink...
You better make a move

I'm against the universe
I'm just waiting for it to make it's nonsensical move
So I can show y'all that,
I stood up and I ain't going to sit down
I strategized and I'm 10 moves ahead of it
No matter which move it makes
It's time for checkmate...

Nov 26, 2016

Shooting a premature dream
Within diapers,
Never stressingout,
But I remember feeling,
Left behind like a stepchild
Thy were not feeling me then
But I'm a threat now to thee
Right afterwards feeling like Kratos
Now stand up tall and fe/male up.

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Just when you believe you have been through your worst moments, when you believe your heart has been broken beyond repair, just when that glue is starting to set it is smashed apart again.. You start to see that it is your hands that has inflected this pain apon yourself.. maybe as a self-definse mechanism from letting you get your heart broke in the first place, or maybe your scared that you can't live up and be that person she dreamed of being with forever and letting her down.. you sit their humming yourself to sleep only wishing you were dreaming and would wake up.. yet it starts to set in, your realize you have fucked up.. nothing you say or do will ever make the torment go away. Even though she is still right by yourside in your  head this future event has already happened but you are the one making it by believing your visions are not changeable and so you have become pissed at the world and everybody.. letting your world slip away, letting your demons win and control your mind.. becoming pretty much a wasted piece of flesh.. and the more you start to realize the deeper you end up burying yourself because you can't believe what you have become and you hate yourself for it... ah if love was simple..

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Jan 15

I am strong enough to be felt like pain?

I am in forever endless pain,
My crumpled heart is still aching none stop...
Senselessly I am still following my heart,
The heart doesn't make no sense
If the mind is already made up,
I,m talkative, but I won't argue -
I was lose within my unconsciousness,
I wish to follow but I will abide,
Sorry for being a burden,
But if you let go I will abide...

Jan 15

Preparations came with opportunities
Play time limited due to accomplishments required
Cautiously took an optimistic view preparing optimism
Potential doing better than previously
Rivals can't compete or compare
Functioning on better level than optimum
Stay pious opposing fiendish creatures...

Jan 15

O' give thanks unto the God of gods:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
O' give thanks to the Lord of lords:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
To him who created the pleasant universe:
For his mecry [endureth] for ever...
The massive sun to rule by day:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...
The moon and stars to rule by night:
For his mercy [endureth] for ever...

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