Julia Mae
Julia Mae
20 hours ago

my chest
is a balloon
filled with empty air
that is waiting
and waiting
to eventually burst
and i fear
the aftermath
of how much
i am feeling nothing
yet everything
all at once

5 days ago

Midnight is moments away yet I'm heavily preoccupied
The smoothness of your cool skin beneath my fingertips
Trailing lines and leaving tiny goosebumps in its wake
You're a whirlwind of the unknown and even now your thoughts are a mystery to me
Attachment separated by a long pattern of half fearing abandonment
My fleeting youth swirling up flashbacks, semicolons and wasted years

They say that love is a fight, and anything worth fighting for never comes easy
I call bullshit
Love doesn't have to be complicated erupting in geysers of harsh words meant to wound you deep to your core
Arguments and fighting don't mean you love someone
Humans are these fragile creatures equipped with the capacity to aspire and inspire

I can't express myself like I used to

My Everything
My love
My heart
My air
My soul mate
I could never
Have all these
Things without you
Your my love forever
Together I shall
Always be deeply
In love with you.

My Everything
David P Carroll
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Feb 6

There's life to begin with and to live with

There's love and we only have to feel it

There's an art and we only have to bring it

There's a formula and we only have to process it

There's a helping hand and we only have to take it

There's peace and we only have to believe it

There's already everything and we only have to appreciate it

But of course there's always death that only await us

Exsistere a latin word of Existence. I was inspired by The Man who knew Infinity and All the bright Places. Thank you kiddo for helping me with this. hart hart <3 ^^
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I walked along the road one day,
Picked up a note along the way,
I unfolded it and read,
My heart filled with dread,
What did this little note say,
That I picked upon the way?
"You are going to be hit by a bus!"
So I walked off the road, no fuss,
Safe on first, walking one day,
Picked up a note along the way,
Everything changes, you might say,
Try not walking on  the road today!

Feedback welcome.

Woke up in a state of mind,
I delivered.
Had unconsciously tête-à-tête with the
Creator of the universe,
I believe in...
I prayed to...
I wrote it...
I thought it...
I seen it...
Gazing at the cosmos,
Like a telescope...

Climb like the stairs,
To have a tête-à-tête with him
that's my clairvoyant.

Asked him,
What's the deal Lord?
What's the deal God?
What's the value of life?
What's life?
& Why do we live to die?

Dislike hellish predicaments,
That's I rebuke the fiends away
Only Lord has foreseen everything about me...
Only lord knows the truth I wrote
Lord knows I rebuke my rivals...

A dream talking to God...
Feb 1

A show
A bow
A curtain drawn
Heavy and soft
in and out, in and out
The next show will start
Too soon
Tired, ready to quit
Why do I preform?
I just want to stop
Take a second
Just walk away, hit pause
Come back after a few days
I just need a break

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Jan 31

The strangest thing is...
I was lost in a 03:00am dream as I wrote this,
The strangest fiend that I ever saw was
Riped with pain, in front of my eyes...

The strangest thing is...
I was still unconscious (Flashbacking)...
I opened the door and found the lightning next to the mirror
Ready to strike with unpleasant sensation...

The strangest thing is...
Still watching them strangest diabolical things happening,
That made me piously bias even more.

The strangest thing is...
I could not find my way back home
But I was escorted by a centaur...

I had a dream about all that...
Jan 22

ocean of misery
power and money
it's always the same
that all is fake
at least it seems to
let the steaming mist
slowly fade away

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Jan 18

The imbalance on my rivals
Shows the lack of knowledge
Can not compete against me,
Elevated in enlightenment / of vivid devotion...

Solitary thoughts made me bias,
Cipher rivals got me satire -
Y'all know my chicness, can't compare.

I am emitted to make a decision,
I will not give none my "treasure chest",
I will take a chance and risk my on,
Facing my decision it's a funny feeling...

It's about a girl I like
Other guys are competing with me
To get her...
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