TK Khanh
TK Khanh
Nov 30, 2016

what does peace mean to you?

let go
don't cling
my brother
are you not

for you to bear the storm
to spare some tears

the calm is coming
tonight or in ten years
an unrivaled friend

This poem is about my brother. He struggles with depression and has suicidal thoughts. On Saturday night he punched some kid in the jaw and broke his hand. After taking him to the doctor today, I was feeling so many things. The first paragraph has to do with me wanting to let go of my attachment to him. we are more than just the body, our souls are eternal. I had to stop myself from saying 'my' or 'me' because that causes attachment which is suffering. The second paragraph explains how family and friends of those who commit suicide. They will tell others not to do it because of the pain it will cause the loved ones. Depression is a disease, where peace is all you want. They are not trying to cause others pain, just trying to release some of their own. The third paragraph is to provide faith. We all have our seasons. Nothing is permanent, the good, the bad, always fleeting. The last line was inspired by my brother explaining to the doctor that he got into an altercation with a 'friend'. This 'friend' is similar to depression. It hides in the darkness and talks shit.
Nov 22, 2016

Why am I me? I sometimes ask myself.

Why am I not somebody else?

I could have been anyone, anywhere.

So why am I me, why am I here?

I am who I am, but why?

Will I be someone else after I die?

Why do I look the way I do?

Why am I me and not you?

I am me, but why am I this way?

How come I am alive today?

From all the people I could be

Why am I exactly me?

Personal experience...
Nov 13, 2016

She stares at me,
Her eyes seem to search mine.
Her hands stretch towards the division,
Towards that finely marked glass line.

She seems to whisper something,
Sayings too faint to hear.
Yet her lips move with such passion,
As though her utterances are very dear.

I take a step back & stare,
At the being before my eyes.
Torn robes & mangled hair,
And scarred hands to my surprise.

I try to draw close,
Yet I cannot seem to reach.
It's as though a barrier lies between us,
One that I cannot breach.

I looked with more intent,
But the less I saw instead.
Yet in her eyes I could discern,
Something that filled me with dread.

Then suddenly it hit me
From out of nowhere
And like an unraveled mystery
All became clear.

For in my curiosity
And my desire for close inspection
I had failed to see
I was staring at my own reflection


T      A
Oct 25, 2016

We have Homes: Security
We have Graveyards: Grief
We have Old folks homes: Maturity
And Prisons: Thief.

Humans are cozy creatures,
Like things neat and tidy
Building, buildings to compartmentalise our society.

And then we wonder why we're so detached.
Lydia Hirsch
Lydia Hirsch
Sep 27, 2016

All those years, you never came out
from your hiding place, though I encouraged you
with bouts of song (did you hear them?) and
poetry I couldn’t write or speak.

I never wanted you to stand over me.
You were secret, but feigned visibility,
and I nearly believed you. You acted well.
But what was the purpose?

You are now, as ever, alone.
Your soul has not been touched.
It is secret, as secret as snow.
I admire it, but cannot adore it.

May your secret heart freeze in the cold.

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From the moment I saw her,
I knew that she would never be mine,
But that's when I really started to appreciate
Her Beauty.

Our colour is green
But we're never seen
Wherever we beam
In the black'n'white world.

Our colour is blue
As we're staying true
And so we are through
Amidst the black'n'white world.

Our colour is lilac
For we are acardiac,
For we are the maniacs
For the black'n'white world.

Our colour is crimson
As we see no reason,
Convicted in treason
By the black'n'white world.

Our colour is scarlet,
We're victims of heartache,
We're taken apart from
The black'n'white world.

Aug 6, 2016

In a city
In a room
With no thing
Save a rescued
A windowpane view
Without reflection
To the streets

A man without
With Determination

A Notion

You see
He thought himself
Conspicuously unusable
To Be

Some detached observer
Surfeited with suffering
Could be
From the pain

Sukanya Sinha Roy
Sukanya Sinha Roy
Jul 30, 2016

Love without attachment
I am told by the seers,
Is the truest of the true!
Damn! Can they just help me
shake off this silly little cello- tape
That sticks me to you?

Big' little'impediments to detachment
Yusof Asnan
Yusof Asnan
Jul 8, 2016

The love of the dark,

The longing of the emptiness,

The sense of calmness in the sleepless nights,

Where else can I find such peace than seeing the coming.

Head sunk in thoughts,

To the paper beneath my fist,

With the smoke from the cigarette,

That would be what I write about.

I did not write to reach people,

But to step away from them,

Continuously struggling away from attachments,

Even if its the right one.

Anyone could be a hero,

Its the day by day action is my kryptonite,

Repeating the same routine,

That shall be the death of me.


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