The feeling that something is missing is not only a feeling of loss,
but also an evidence to the fact that something like this also happened in the past.
Past is an experience
Present is what you have
Future uncertain
Desire will always remain in life, irrespective of the fact as to whether it’s past, present or else with regards to the future
The only difference been a change in it’s form and way.

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Looking into details of each and everything and all that happened in life,
one thing is for sure,
experience gained since prior paves a way for better expertise,
if the desire is for the same with regards to better future.

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Lindsay Leigh
Lindsay Leigh
Nov 3, 2016

I told you once,
Do you remember?
Just kids,
Spinning with our arms
As the leaves fell,
That I wanted to die on a Thursday.

I’m still here.
And caring what you think
Is not something I’m used to.
How can everything we shared
Be but a lost memory to you?

I remembered every detail,
Because you were significant,
And I thought I was too.

M G Hsieh
M G Hsieh
May 27, 2016

                     Who notices prepositions
                      unless they dangle

                      like earrings
                      begging the spotlight.

                      They act
                      like auditioning extras

                      or photo-bombers.

                       Of the people, for the people, by the people,

                       what does that even mean
                       when we, the people
                       are simply people

                       trying out humanity.

                       My nephew goes blah blah blah,    
                       which is cute and could
                       mean anything when
                       spoken randomly _ an 18-month old,

                       like prepositions
                       _  the people:

                       _ God, we trust.

JR Falk
JR Falk
May 25, 2016

I want to know your small parts
Every little scar
Every freckle
Every dimple
Every direction your hairs decide to go
I want to know your small parts
I want to know your favorite board game
I want to know the smallest things that steal your attention
I want to know your favorite color
I want to know your darkest nights
I want to know your favorite snack foods
I want to show you so much beauty
I want to show you how wonderful you are
I want to know you


Reminds me of another poem looking back, but I had someone in mind, not a poem.
#feelings   #want   #crush   #know   #parts   #small   #learn   #details  
Cynthia Jean
Cynthia Jean
May 20, 2016

the salt and pepper of life

the rich nuggets

precious little details
that we miss

in our overwhelm

the little jewels
of everyday life
that make it
so sweet


all the days of our lives

cj 2016

May God open our eyes everyday to His gifts...that we wouldn't miss anything!
Apr 4, 2016

I am
water droplets,
splitting down
the center.

Dividing and

Salt enhanced
rain water,
rolling down
hot skinned
cheek bones.

Bleached truths
Bleached truths
Feb 19, 2016

I would love to be able to do a collaboration poem with someone (: Please direct message me to discuss details. I was thinking we could both have the same topic; and write from two different sides (:

if you stop breathing
you can hear
you can hear the sound
of the single drop of water
as it drips
onto a bit of tin
amidst the grass and the mud
or the sound of the ducks’
feathers as they play
in the eddies
or the sound of the sun
as it rises over the grey canal
kissing it to life
over treetops that are
japanese watercolours
and boats moored in the marina
memories of a time gone by

if you stop breathing
you can feel
you can feel the breeze
on the hair of your arms
the wind as it chills your fingers
and you exhale
dragon breath
if you stop breathing
you can feel
in death

if you stop breathing
you gasp
as you take in the details
the masthead
on a boat
a dragon
with horns?
a greek god
to keep storms away?
hammered iron and blue
a totem
a good luck charm
a protective spell

if you stop breathing
everything fades
and all we have
is the now
the single breath
pain vanishes
and all that remains
is bliss

#life   #pain   #nature   #bliss   #photography   #breathing   #details   #england   #canal  
Dr Michael Morrell
Dr Michael Morrell
Jan 21, 2016

Honey Pickle.
  I can't let you go alone, into the night.
  Leaving me here bathing in fright.

I didn't mean to not listen with more care
  Oh Honey Pickle I will not even let dare
  Thinking of my life continuing with you not there.

Dearest wait and please please slow down.
  Speak once more and I beg you to turn around.
  She stopped. And then she slowly fell to the ground.

My darling Honey Pickle wept so loud into the night
  Minutes of anguish and sobbing were sounding her fright.
  I would stay with you if paying more attention you might.

I dared not turn away and let her go
  I put other things first and she seemed to know
  My attendance to her was something I did not show.

Her sobs they fell from her mouth to the earth
  Sad sounds revealed betrayal from me was what she heard
  I flew down the stairs and out the door like a bird.

I ran to the spot where she crying laid low
  I then realized complete attention to Honey Pickle I should show.
  That was the only way a life long love could ever grow.

I stared at Honey Pickle to the skin of her neck above her back
  I lovingly saw the birthmarks that reminded me of my lack
  Of attention to the details of of speech that I had seen as black.

When you love someone like my Honey Pickle focus on words
   Make sure you hear properly and respond right to what you heard.
   Listen. Listen and Listen, and remember them even if slurred.

If you have your own Honey Pickle nothing else matters.
   If you want your future secure and you heart not to be shattered.
   Keep your lover's heart intact, don't leave memory in tatters.

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