When you ask if I'm okay,

of course I tell you I'm fine.

but really,

I want to get high with you again.

Because the last time, we started getting


And I miss that very much.

I miss the way you held me.

and ran your fingers through my hair.

Until our friends walked in.

And we had to stop

#friends   #okay   #fingers   #stop   #hair   #missing   #weed   #high   #friendly  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Jun 22, 2016

In the old days
the smoker smoked inside the pub
while their dog waited outside

In the new days
their dog waits inside the pub
while the smoker smokes outside

It's a crazy, modern mixed up world

I'm a non smoking non dog owner
#dog   #friendly   #smokers   #pub  
Ashley Somebody
Ashley Somebody
May 2, 2016

I come here when I'm lonely, tired, and bored.
The library's friendlier than most of the world.
There's books, coffee, couches: blue and red.
I love it more than anywhere except for my bed.

#lonely   #bed   #coffee   #tired   #bored   #library   #friendly   #jfl  

Got your attention?
sorry for that hell of a beginning,
this is big
So i needed an attention grabber.
heh heh.
See what I did there?
So then, B.D,
whats the news.
The news,
the really big big news,
is that I am alive.
though that may not be a big deal to you,
it is to me.
See, it is because of you,
that I live.
the people of hello poetry.
The people of earth.
You are keeping me alive.
I write,
you read..
Our little system here.
Its a great one.
I am so glad you even decided to read this.
Like, you truly are a hero,
just. for. that.
If you don't feel special,
like I often do,
well let me tell you something.
You are very special.
You are beautiful.
How do I know?
Because you are reading this,
which is poetry,
and poetry,
is a beautiful thing,
meant for beautiful people,
and what do you know?
Your reading this,
which means you are beautiful.
Its quite silly, yes I know.
But why be so serious all the damn time?
We need to smile.
And I smile
because of you =>
you bring life to my life.
This is for you, reader.
Not to a lover,
not to a family member.
To you.
You pioneer this smile,
and for that,
I owe you my life.

yes, this is really for you.
Mar 30, 2016

Drawn Aside  Decision
Of A Half Moons Wondering ...

Which to Devour first?

Delectable White Light
of the Coming Morning


Raw Nothingness
Of Pure Dark Past

Both Delicious

Come and Get it Happiness

Julie Grenness
Mar 14, 2016

Smiles are kindly and free,
Let's spread smiles globally,
We should be more like children,
Greet each day with laughs and grins,
Smiles are a friendly grace,
A delight for every face,
Smiles are our happy treasure.
Delights for human pleasure,
Smiles are great to use,
Glowing us, as we amuse,
Yes, smiles are kindly and free,
Let's spread smiles globally.

Feedback welcome.
#grace   #human   #smiles   #delight   #pleasure   #global   #friendly  
Paul Hansford
Paul Hansford
Feb 18, 2016

Two curly brackets
with an apostrophe each
for eyes
like two faces
looking at each other
with noses
– or lips –
almost touching
and between the faces
a small letter x
(you guessed it)
a small kiss.

The faces are so anonymous
they could be anyone
but one is me
and the other
can represent any one
of my lady poet friends
or should that be
"my poet lady-friends"?

So if any of my poet friends
who are ladies
think they might like a small friendly gesture
of affection
from me
please take it as that.

We are after all
so far away
that it could never come to more
but like a small birthday present
it's the thought that counts.

Isn't it?

Ellie Sora
Ellie Sora
Feb 6, 2016

Today I saw the moon and fell asleep
When I woke, I found myself in the ocean, very deep
I swim above and walk myself to home
Filled the tub and washed myself with foam
Then I changed the sheets so I can sleep on fresh
I’ll clean tomorrow and it won’t smell of flesh
My dream is dreamless, it’s quiet tonight
Until I feel something next to me, it’s little and it’s white
A rat
So small and fat
I’ll call it Cheff
It’ll be my BFF
We’ll fly together in the house
Like ghosts, me and the mouse

#friends   #death   #ghost   #story   #house   #rat   #little   #creepy   #mouse   #friendly  

four four legged friends chase
each others puffy tales - trails
in night grass - and us !

written by
impeccable space poetess

You've become my rock,
I have to say, in this,
ever expansive planet, drifting,
among the vastness of outer space.

You're my sun, my North Star,
something warm that brings me home,
and I have to admit, this is,
a feeling I cannot kick.

You're my friend, as its said,
and I thank God for your smile,
your presence and honest jests,
you've made my life worth living;
you're the best.

To those friends who keep me sane, and make me feel safe. I love you the most. <3
#love   #friend   #friendship   #you   #gratitude   #caring   #thanks   #thank   #platonic   #friendly  
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