stunning coral reefs
beneath the tidal oceans
a paradise place
colors blending beautifully
the world of marine finery

#marine   #stunning   #coral   #reefs  
Mar 28, 2016

returning nightmares moonlit
if somewhere past loses
sea corals forging poetry

#poetry   #sea   #coral  
Pauline Russell
Pauline Russell
Mar 28, 2016

A most gracefully bird, but not of the air
White caped waves are his clouds
Water proof feathers is what he wears
He stands on the beach mighty proud
His wings won't let him fly
But through the ocean he quickly glides
You'll never see him in the sky
Behind the corral is where he hids
When lion seals are on the prowl
His play ground is a winter wonderland
He is by far the best dressed fowl
With his dashing tuxedo he looks mighty grand
By design he was denied freedom of fight
But that my friend doesn't make him sad
For in the ocean so deep he reaches new heights
The icy slides are his launch pad
He certainly is a wonderful bird
To call him anything else would be absurd

#water   #sky   #tuxedo   #penguin   #coral   #sealions  
Aubrey Lambert
Aubrey Lambert
Aug 4, 2015

with eyes still closed, my mind awakes
to the ocean upon my door,
it knocks with salty insolence,
my land locked soul to lure.

the thought of coral in chandeliers,
tempts my feet from bed to floor,
but twas the sound of kelp being plucked,
that enticed me to explore.

a tidal wave is just outside,
where mackerel dance and more,
schools of sea-life swim upstairs,
to feed off shipwrecked floors.

with eyes wide open, my mind asleep,
my skin drops on the shore,
my hands scale through my algae hair,
and i hear the turtles lore.

the manatees discuss it too,
a tale of souls at war,
who hear the knock and find reprieve,
in an oceans wandering floor.

#soul   #ocean   #sea   #salt   #restless   #wanderlust   #coral  
Jerry Bradford
Jerry Bradford
May 2, 2015

You make the world with your brand of wisdom
Which by the way
Is not only your own
It appeals to me
Other sensitive people too inwardly groan
Because we live and breathe in a fishbowl
Of Antipathes’ Coral and Stone
Beautiful yet hard; abrasive and apathetic
Out of the fragmented cracks and chasms
Come the voice of the poetics
Like birth pains and spasms
That refresh me wholly
They remind me
That I am not alone
©2015 J.K. Bradford

Antipathes, meaning "against suffering", are corals that have been harvested for centuries to create charms and medicines, believed to have the power to ward off evil and injury
#poetry   #hard   #too   #much   #feel   #misfit   #uncaring   #coral   #abrasions  
Sarah Molitor
Sarah Molitor
Dec 22, 2014

Vocal drowning
Coral feeling
Water seeping into
Stretched too thin

Moisture madness
Soapy silence
Steamed saliva
Pursuing red stained

damp and dainty
Shallow and soaked
heavy and heaving

#poetry   #eyes   #ink   #lips   #water   #body   #spilled   #wet   #shower   #coral  
Endless Horizon
Endless Horizon
Aug 16, 2014

I am searching through the ghastly depths below the seas,
Where the sunlight still shines through the waters.
I find an interesting village...A haven for creatures in this
Dead, lifeless ocean floor.
I did not know so much life teemed through this rock.
Intricate sea creatures swim through the teeming corals
like red liquid flows through narrow blood vessels.
Each with a purpose, each with a task.
One species benefits the other, and vice versa.
The sea cannot live without one, and one cannot live without the other.

This makes me question the point of me being the world.
Am I something of importance,
Or a seemingly dangerous virus?
Really, I cannot tell who I shall be,
Until I live out the rest of my life, and find out,
Who I really am, and the person that will grieve for me the most when I'm gone.

I seriously did not give this poem much thought. Kinda just went with the flow here, no pun intended.
#love   #diving   #purpose   #waters   #creatures   #coral   #fishes  
The Willow
The Willow
Jun 21, 2014

We are coral.
Rock polyps
Slender rock
Grazing at the feet of the master waters
Expanding indefinitely

We have holes.
Countless crevasses
Of all different sizes
And every one of us
For something

To fill those holes.

Reefs reach up
To the sun
We fight
But it’s not visible.
You wouldn’t see any
Hinting at the movement
Under the waves

We are reaching up
Revealing cracks unseen
Trying to catch what we can
To fill the void
Of our own bodies

The coral catches coral
Broken off at the tips
And roots uproot
That we’re stretching to the surface
We cannot stay here hungry

Coral grabs coral
Desperate for fulfillment
We as rocks moan
“I’m waiting for sunlight,
or diamonds,
or perhaps something greater
what I am.”

Coral fills coral.  
and others remain empty.
What are polyps to do?

Then the realization comes that we have been
Filled with the ashes
Of the mounts of fire
It takes so long
To collect the specks
And soot doesn’t look like much.

Years pass.
Years and years and years
And corals that wanted to feel full
Grabbed at identical fibers
They lost limbs of themselves in the process
And every piece that stuck
Eventually left
On the current


And the soot filled the spaces of the corals that waited
And they shone with time
And they shone within the spaces
In places
That were not meant for coral
But indestructible
We are diamond.

Gladys P
Gladys P
May 18, 2014

Inside the tropical seas,
Sits a pinkish-red coral, in a lovely pose,
Like an elegant piece of jewel,
Concealed underwater, at dusk,
Unveiling, as the sun graciously arose.

Reflecting a fine portrait,
Of nature's gifted qualities,
Beneath the azure skies, and surrounded by sparkling waters,
A spectacular picturesque scenery,
Releasing all of my worries and ties.

#sun   #ocean   #sea   #waters   #coral  
Gladys P
Gladys P
May 18, 2014

In tropical seas,
A pinkish-red coral pose,
Like piece of jewel.

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