Brent Fisher
Brent Fisher
1 day ago

cut and cloth and clutter
fluttering about, dotted lines,
clotted blots, parking fines,
issues with the lettering of
that gilded sign out front,
quite a stunt he pulled,
prying out a premise
from nothing, man,
that was something.

#lies   #secrets   #rules   #law  
Joshua Dougan
Joshua Dougan
5 days ago

Rules, regulation and form, allows for the greatest accord.
A ruse, my elation, at the shore with the bravest of swords.
Let me explain, poetry should be like a storm, a war of the words.
But Treat every one like a worm: your encouraging your curse.
You can't move forward without inertia at your back.
It's just the set of rules that allow Us to teach that.
So yes, the form and regulations enable the greatest of sets.
But unless you use them you will just be a sadist at best.

Harsha ravi
Harsha ravi
Dec 29, 2016

She can’t walk alone
Her skin could not be shown
Her knowledge is useless
Her success is fruitless
Her earnings are not well off
She cannot trough
Her legs should not be spread
She shall not lie in any men’s bed
She better be home by six
If not she would be considered as sucking dicks
Her opinion never mattered
Her dignity should never be scattered
Her thoughts and body should be innocent and pure
She shall not be dressed well otherwise she has someone to lure
Yet she smiles to herself as she wanders the dark alley
79th street valley
Her fingers intertwined with hers
Dollar bills over flowing her purse
She lies sprawled on the dead street her hands pulling at her risen skirt
Tugging at her girlfriend’s shirt
She munches on the Coney dog famous in Michigan
Leans over and whispers “at least there is 1 rule I have not broken”

#love   #broken   #feminism   #female   #lgbt   #rules  
Dec 24, 2016

A Way with words
A Way with wonder
A Way with thoughts
A Way with ponder

A Way with daydreams
and lucid reminiscence
A Way with bursting at the seams
with thought's threaded essence

A Way: The wrong way it is
for seriousness to attend
A Way: The wrongness from righteousness
of so many acceptences to bend

Who cares?
Ju Clear
Ju Clear
Dec 24, 2016

Wishing all a joyous time
Party hard into the night
Making merry with one and all
Taking in Charlie boys simple words
Respect one another
For peace on earth
Kindness rules
A merry Kindmass to you all

Merry making to you all
Melanie Kate
Melanie Kate
Dec 11, 2016

Nobody wants a body
When given so easily.
Nobody trusts
In lust.
He will fail to see
What is dormant
In the soul and heart
Of the hands that touch
And the mouth that kisses.
And the advantage lies
In his taking.
While she is overlooked
Because society says something else.
And the rules were broken,
Just like her heart will be.
Because he can’t choose her.
He can only have her.

MKD 2016 (c)
Mane Omsy
Mane Omsy
Dec 6, 2016

Now you'll know the pain
That tore me apart
How do I refuse?
You did throw me in so deep
You were never what you used to
I'm thinking we're even now

Regretting days are over, finally
I saw you suffering
Still my heart beats so gently
I don't know where I am
We were meant to be together
What you've done was so cruel

I didn't care much
When you said, just a friend
Then once I saw you both in my bed
Covering your breasts with guilt
How do I forgive?

Mazen Edlibi
Mazen Edlibi
Nov 24, 2016

Let me be selfish!
Let me be snobbish!
Let my ego shouts out!
Let my whole being be free from those silly norms!
Destiny might have other plans than what I hope!
Maybe I'm not part of your dreams or world!
Maybe I'm not in anyone's agenda!
Maybe I'm bringing Confusion!
Maybe my Shadow and the Dark Side still there and has its agenda!
                                    If I say "I Love You".....
Am I violating your Values... Your Freedom... Your World!
                                    If I say "I Love You".....
Am I breaking the norms of universe or peoples' or Community's Rules!

I am only voicing what is crying inside me!
I am only voicing the instinct that created by God!
As I am one of his Sons!!!!

Do I still need to care about those Norms anymore!

#love   #god   #world   #crying   #universe   #instinct   #norms   #rules   #community   #voicing  
Chris Neilson
Chris Neilson
Nov 16, 2016

If it's an adjective it's a word
which qualifies or limits a noun
don't take me back to school
already I'm wearing a frown

If it's a noun it's a word
used as a name of a thing substantive
don't bore me with your rules
I have colourful creativity to give

If it's a pronoun it's a word
to replace a noun
that noun didn't last long
must've had a meltdown

If it's a verb it's part of speech
expressing an action or being
in our sphere we use poetic licence
try it, it's so freeing

Sorry. English teachers, no offence intended :)
#rules   #noun   #verb   #adjective   #pronoun   #licence  
Nov 11, 2016

According to this book
You can't throw knives as a Girl Scout individual
However, the book neglects to mention
Uranium, cadavers, and cult rituals

There are many things that are against the Girl Scout rules, but there are also weird activities which the rule book doesn't explicitly say anything about, so you could have a satanic scout troop that makes nuclear reactors and preforms autopsies and it *technically* wouldn't break any Girl Scouting rules.
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