Mar 16

People are constantly waiting for something more,
Something better,
Then what they have now.
But why,
Why are people constantly trying to find more,
Experience more,
Live life differently?
When what they could be doing
Is appreciating what they have right

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She inspires me to raise my voice,
and let myself be heard

She inspires me to stand my ground,
to find my own place in this world

She inspires me to chase my dreams,
and never be deterred

She inspires me for every day,
she's as free as any bird

For women everywhere, who are role models to the rest of us.

Women are not a different species
They do not need a special day
Why can't you respect and appreciate her ,
love her and treat her equal everyday?

There was a flower, blossoming on the shoreline. Beholding the serenity of the seas and criticising the rise and fall of the indomitable tides.

It swayed in the balmy air and loathed the dusty storms.

It adored the sun's radiance and mourned the moon's norms.

It extolled the aesthetics and execrated the wrongs.

It denied the nectar but appreciated the honeycomb.

There was a peyote, living in the dreary sands. Mesmerized by the great dunes, standing like a tomb.

Relishing the scanty rains with much aplomb.

It grows its roots in the search of water,  many call it a coxcomb.

Such is the folk, unaware of the real beauty for so long!

                                    - Swasti Jain

All those people,
          I used to run after,
                  are now running after me.

Oh, look how the tables have turned,
         I don't even recognise the faces
             of these people,
                 who are today admiring me


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to all of you
and the everyone
who loved my poems
and still appreciates

i'm coming back
soon enough
i promise you all

i need to make my 2017 full of words bcs i just realised that 2016 made me feel so, so empty & unhappy. happy new year to you all, i dare u to do the one thing u loved & wanted the most through these years, but nvr got a chance to do it eventually. i, dare, u.
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Matt Hews
Matt Hews
Dec 20, 2016

Liberate your soul
And unshackle your mind.
You'll be amazed
At the beauty you shall find.

She makes me want to risk a cold
Because I wouldn't want to risk not being by her side
Dancing in the rain on a Thursday night
She makes me appreciate how bright the sun is
Even when it blinds me
Because seeing the light reflect off her cheek on a Sunday afternoon
Is a sight I refuse to miss
She makes me enjoy 6 hour car rides to my moms for Christmas
Because the beats on the radio aren't the only thing I'm listening to
Her voice is like music to me

Things I wish boys would say about me

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Ernie Wong
Dec 5, 2016

We're surrounded by many blessings in life.
Roof over our heads,
Food on our plates,
Clothes on our backs,
Families, friends and partners.

Yet, why are we not valuing what we have,
But valuing what we don't have?
Are they needs, or just wants?
Tangibles versus the intangibles,
Can you differentiate the importance?

Money isn't the only measure for wealth.
Switch your perspective around.
From materialistic views, luxurious riches,
To small but equally beautiful qualities of life.

Not all that sparkles are treasures,
Not all that glitters are gold.
Only when one appreciates what one has,
No amount of gifts will ever please.

"You only know what you have when it's gone".

A poem to remind myself and everyone else on appreciating everything you have in life - the good and the bad.

We all have things we're grateful for. But, sometimes, we tend to take them for granted, whether intentionally or not.

Learn to value what you already have.
Nov 23, 2016

love pulls visions of colour
strikes yearning with fire
screams appreciation
with hints of adventure
it leans heavily on a fist of risk

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