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Ophelia May 2014
Do you know what "lovelust" is?
It's a craving for late night movies and early morning smiles.
It's a want for stolen kisses and borrowed fingers.
It's a hunger for shared secrets and inside jokes.    
It's a desire to know every inch inside and out of someone's being.
It's a yearning to touch and be touched by someone whose love for you burns as bright in their eyes as in yours.
It's the sick-to-the-stomach feeling you get when you picture yourself happy with someone else.
Lovelust is when you look into your friend's eyes and wish you could see more than just your own reflection inside.
twelve caesuras Feb 2015
i want to conduct a long-running study
of the reasons i can't live without you
and their correlation to our
physical attraction.

we've got the chemistry
because when together with you,
i combust. change colors.
we are the doubly exo/endothermic reaction.

your eyes are a catalyst, and
every gaze takes me to my boiling point
until i become air—but still, this way you can breathe me in.
they're dangerous, these lovelust interactions.
we are nuclear beings, and when we explode
in the fallout with you i hope to call home.
SassyJ Jan 2016
The fences erected with barbed wire
A wall translucent with hints of light
The pace of my heart outshines the dark
The blight of the society keeping us apart
As the sea sways from shore to shore
Reign forever my love, I lay my cards to care
It’s the light from the window reigniting hope

The stroll by the ocean is a memory I hold
We first kissed and sealed as the fairly ceased
The reality of the skies and earth encased us
We met and I became a hazard to myself
Your love pierces deeper than crystallized salt
My pupils elongates as I strive your depths
The reminiscence of the pebbled path as I reach

A foreigner to the notion of love, I stray
Yet, on my travels your loneliness haunts me
Reappear to show me the exhibit of love
Clouds uncovered there is no where to hide
Unshell the cage and let me suffuse your all
Obtuse, no lust or obsession possessing me
Resurrect the innate human scenery of true love
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me.

No 3. One a week series collaboration with Lovelust
LoveLust will be the man to help you distinguish the notion of "love" and "lust". The focus of the poem was based on the 3 songs below:
Just another day- Jon Secoda
A different corner George Michael
More than words- Extreme (the melody bring me tears all the time)

The music triggered the emotional refill of the words.   The essence of tunes helped with the inspiration and to dig deeper.

What if you had a love? The one you want and care for so much, but there is a wall separating you. You can see them, them too.... but that's about it!

Lovelust loves music as a form of expression. This helped to bring the piece together... "music as the essence". I tend to love all genres but have some favourites too. It turned out that Lovelust loves "MUSE" a revolutionary band that I love so much too.
Madness by Muse

Enjoy the concert Lovelust and It was great working with you.

To view Lovelust expressions please visit his site at: homepage:
Love and Lust may well be different,
but they're each at their best when they're together.
like  dont  love  make  man  life  priest  time  soul  know  just­  thats  fear say  eyes  place  way  light  want  god  evil  does  lie  live  h­ate  open thought  tell  lives  listen  great  memory  spoke  deep  words  ­night earth  pain  told  head  broken  sister  away  sky  lust  leave  ­hands  smile close  dark  lost  bed  theres  end  messes  doubt  memories  mor­ning mountain  wont  purpose  souls  think  breaths  heart  boy  twin ­ day silly  bleeding  lies  im  mouth  flesh  world  self  asked  trie­d  chance understand  face  really  cause  truth  faith  things  body  burn­  kids shadows  says  bodies  wall  circle  ground  true  floor  skin  s­imple  gods children  fall  clean  lovelust  believe  eye  laugh  demon  bett­er  die forever  path  questions  late  guess  coin  help  room  ive  ask­  left heaven  fears  yes  create  short  control  voice  long  torture ­ met welcome  rip  brain  thing  hell  touch  disgusted  bitter  piece­  skies 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(c) Isaac C. Thornhill
Justin Stewart Jan 2015
She told me that we all came from stardust,
but she remains a heavenly body.
Gravity ***** me into her lovelust,
and all the beauty she embodies.

Her skin radiates like our sun's corona.
Her eyes gleam like the stars in the heavens above.
At heart, I feel like we came from the same nova,
But god wanted us to remain together as one through love.

She guides me safely through even the darkest days,
And as I reach her at last, her embrace warms me.
The galaxies in her eyes leave me in a daze,
Thinking how inside them is where I'd rather be.

My love, together we've traveled the ages and the cosmos,
Let's retire these bodies and explore the heavens as souls.
Patrick McCombs May 2012
Clothes sticking to our skin
Hearts drenched with sin
The flies buzzed in my ears
A wrench thrown in the gears
Your eyes glisten with LoveLust
And we displace the dust
Lingering in our old hotel room
I watch your eyes bloom
Old memories of the distant past
I wonder how long it can last
Replaying scenes from an old flick
I watched your lips move
I shook as if the plates shifted when your lips parted

The line from your chin to your neck could unclasp me altogether
but I will
compose - restrain - hold back

I want to walk the bridge of your clavicle
and take my time
unearthing secrets that exist
on the other side of your shoulder blades

I gasp again at my daydream
fingers over lips
processing my full emotions
I wait for lust to move

I am soft with hungry eyes
you feed me
with sharp wit that cuts to my core
Brilliance seeps out
through small holes in me
casting shadow puppets of lovelust and longing
on shimmering walls

I wake and immediately grieve
Sipping beer and trading verses with my lovely friend
Kason Durham Dec 2014
In harsh arid air, dry as the Gobi,
Sits an old man, weathered and worn by the sun.
Silent, before a fire that dances and jives,
Looking effortlessly beyond the eternal blue sky.

He smiles, toothless and benign,
No words escape but he passes a carved jade pipe,
Embers burning bright as I breathe heavy the orange glow,
'Paradise flowers illumination,'
So speaks the smoke that falls gently from my mouth.

I am immediately stripped of my body and my mind now soars,
Far beyond the sky and moon,
Yet present I am,
Flying on the sands of time in a desert that harbors no life.

He looks to me as a statue,
So sturdy and stoic,
yet gentle like clay he is frail and I fear nothing.

The earth shifts beneath once more,
Enveloping me in bright reds and deep magentas of a realm that buds like the blossoming spring,
Before me he is no more, yet you are in his place.

Intimately the fires rise, flickering now in your eyes as you stare with flames of passion that burn bright,
Your linens ripple and flow with ease in the whispering wind.
I lean in, reaching as you do, yet I am taken away once more.

Surging forward I fall back into the depths of a dream,
Where hazy figures whisper; oh how effortlessly do their woozy words charm,
Like the river I flow, they chant,
But know not where I lead, they urge,
Speaking in tongues of riddling madness, I am captivated.

Yet their wise words heed no response as I speak but say nothing, lifted again into a golden white oblivion that emerges from the depths of darkness. In this twisted haze you return to me, caressing my skin with silken tendrils.

We embrace in a lovelust passion, consumed by streams of blue that sway and pulse as we do.
I look into your eyes and see a universe.
What do you feel? She asks in heated breaths.
As I begin to ponder I am pulled from her arms, floating high above the clouds looking down on an ancient Earth.

I feel a beauty greener than the bamboo that grows deep in the forest, hidden in the shade of the mountains, I speak.

What is this beauty?

An air of elegance that course through my veins like a breeze through the vines,
That twists and turns like the jungle leopard who creeps through the trees,
With ebb and flow that sings a soft melody, more gentle than the calming stream,

She looks to me in silence,

I feel a beauty that is you, and you are the world. I take her hand -- and the world is beautiful.

As I utter such words my eyes grow weary and the day soon goes dark. I sleep for a thousand years but wake the next morning with the eyes of an old man peering down on me.

You lead your river's flow, he says smiling his toothless grin.
honey primer for the death-lasso
of choice...
here's no... alternative...
for entries into hotel dallas...

      there's all the quick-equipped
miachel frenzied ******
of shovelling all the empty
eggs... limbo embryos speaking
whole, while scribbling
braille in fractions...

on the grand altar of Moloch...
and there's that cue of them
also playing-deaf playing dumb-hard-of
ever being heard:
burn a bra all you like...
i won't be burning a vinyl record
any time sooner than the sooner,
or a now...

here the crumpet solves its
esteem when facing a brawl with
a croissant...
here the ant lifts a mountain in its jaw...
here american head charge
overtakes the sales slipknot records...
here's the first... the last...
here's the lapdance of being reassured
to hear the ec- the ech- the ech-oh-oh-oh-oh!

ever hear the vibration speak
multiple tongues akin to a hydra?!

i'd be worried if they spelled it was:
the wielki lebowsky.. sure as **** a russian
spy... otherwise?
that laid back... dumb pollack...
which is hardly a *******...
  i call it bile, i call it acid... i call it...
the sort of populism of darwinism doesn't
like... when your spine stand *****
and you wake up dancing to
what a chinese army square march
of: that lot of the lost abode
of tiananmen square looks like...
when the chimps get the herpies...
and the lions start to turn all fidgety prone
when the affairs of being excited by
that infamous translation of the chase...
suddenly "oops": i.e. become missing...

          who's to become the last
bridge of king solomon's harem... that last
period piece to be the ghost to
the last known location of the gridlock
of last clinging to coal...
are any revision of thios obscure
period ore going to be a matter of choice?!

for the love of my fellow countrymen...
and country...
but only at a distance...
perhaps me better dying from an overdose
of patriotism in that ******* that future
jewel of the ottoman empire that's
become the better part of Istambul...

it's hardly enough to quiet simply...
but who the hell... or has been dying
with the sort of ammo that would
give him or even a her...
the sort of "forever" thinking that would
leave one with epitaphs as
consorts of: the matter... temporal...

right before ol' charlie zee drei...
is about to be my hand of god...
my limbo argentina of lizzy's prized
asset of...
      i want to spend a tenner with
ol' charlie on it...
before i die...
i want charlie on the banknote...
before i feign enough affairs
of concerns as to whether i'm shy...
or not... i want to spend charly's tenner...
i want him to be bound to the escapade
of crown and *****...

i want to see charles throned!
i want to see charles crowned!
****** better not change his name...
i'd call 'im: third chucky the lucky!
he's no george the IX or some richard
the IV.... charles name given...
charles king to govern...
and bright lights the third!

i am waiting... lizzy will not live
long when the prized attache of
the duke of edinburgh solves the riddle:
no... no clones allowed...
locating the prowess of a hardly visible...
then again: who's going to pay for the cure
of not being made subject to the stampede...
that's half the emblem value of a crown?

but the frankenstein is in our grasp!
we can cheat death...
however many more years a dolly of pardon,
the sheep will allow...
how many more years it would take...
for a clone to replicate the psychology
of the host, bearer and the futurism of what's
to be inherited...
besides all that...
the clone would become a michael
jackson?! ******* to the point where...
no harem would suffice?!
ever play playdough with a faking
of immortality - attempting to transcend
individualism with poker / polka dotting
of the grand, grand... bet?

                  i'm currently in the process
of applying ice-cubes for a hard-on of an idea...
look at me... who's who and who's
the falafel flinging arch-ape?
darwinism is an ideology...
a bit like...
                 it's not that it's wrong...
but... it's a thesis... and as a thesis
it's also an idea...
and there's only one way to counter it...
with an idea...
so that there's a currency...
an antithesis for it to come toward
a symbiosis of... in equilibrium...
                   looking up an ape's *******
is pretty much not enough
to state: bertrand russell just roasted
an aristotle...
            in no defence of the greeks...
wasn't a bertrand russell a philosophy historian...
who was... subsequently...
made into a mezzo-soprano...
becoming galvinized by adoration
for wittgenstein:
the genius! will a lion know
of a sunday... should he also roar
to somehow later yawn... and in between
a wednesday and a meow:
concern itself with a concept of friday?!
because it's golgotha
crucifixion "o'clock"?!

     hardly... who's the who of what
will not become the revised glory days
of the polish-lithuanian commonwealth...
or great britain: when the charles dickens
was asked to look inward: ****** himself...
the great of what isle...
the scots living in iceland?!

             or the baggage of U.2.I.R.A.?!
god help us... alcoholics and narcos...
with all that history aids aids it allows...
anonymous anonymous.
   the... anon. anonymous.
     oh; we're here...
                 fidgeting when it comes
to custard creams.... and all that shortcrust

when ol' charlie lands into my lap...
into my hand of a worth of spending a tenner...
until then... not until...
will i consider calling it a...
an execution in demand for...
being dragged into a cell nicknamed...
the "christine chubbuck lovelorn:
forever the homecoming queen
harem lovelust"...

urban myth: dead-shot to the head...
the decapitated cockroach lives
2 weeks without a head... ah... ah... ha...
it's hardly about being owning a sense
of humour... when all you need
is a reality check...

advent: and a soccer-mum and all those
period pains and
all those many more one direction
fandoms dying pretty in their teens...
here's my voice... morphed into...
burden: to gloat...
never mind the gloating...
but when someone can replace
having to stage staring into a mirror?

call it... dying from a lack
of obstruction from the dimension
of the abstract;
or hotel... coal-founded: florals and the annals
of would be: back to...
without and a with alzheimer'*******br>of: huh?!
Alaia Aug 2019
Hot weather sweat drag
Swatting at flys and nothing
Looking for something to get you through
Collecting morning dew on your ripped shoes
Trying to understand the blues like B.B. told us
Lovelust, leaking from my eyes when you touch my shoulder
Pitchers poured, ideals gored, truth twisted taut
A lot that could go wrong, all over the world getting lost
The bugs will outlast us, the way we're going
Straight toeing the line, no time to unwind
Running through the minefield blind
Rehearsing the party line
Dont you dare think for yourself
**** your good health
No amount of wealth
will save you
when the world

— The End —