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SassyJ Feb 2016
Cacophony vocal cords turned inside out
Folding back upon themselves in cruel creases
Vibrations resonating in strained harmonies
Against the dire fabric of my delirious oblivion

I stomp your echoes as they travel through light
Unleashing my fangs to sting your roaring mess
Frequencies lowered from baseline to internal signal
To form a wave at the quilted patch you weaved

Disregard all visualized fear firmly penetrating realms
Of thickening white-hot spirit a roiling boiling crucible
Inflamed fiery fleshly folds of terminated temptations
Drawing your musky draught drinking your toxic brew

Your sight announces epiphanies of me sinking deeper
A manhood you portray is my repatriation, prepare the shovel  
Ruin me I plead! Packet and send me down to my casket
You can't stitch me, I am twitching, itching, iced in sorrows

Clawing at the world, hissing, spitting my deep disdain
My every defense mumbling, crumbling into its derelict dust
Welcoming my inevitable defeat, my tattered, blood spattered
White flag flies, surrendering all to hail the conquering pain.

The flag waves in bloodied winds, you wing wading wounds
Trying to reach snowy mountainous top, the ascending sledge
We fall inverted bumping, exposing our cranium, posing in disgust
Hold this hawk talon scratch the earth, its the only hope you hold
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me. The pens are really running low... 5  more people are needed!Ladies where are you????

No 4. One a week series collaboration with Bill Hughes
Bill's word is an asylum and his expressions his sanctuary. Bill has got a huge heart and he has been superb to me and my muse. My muse greatly appreciates his support and kindness. When I nearly deleted my account Bill demanded for me to sit on the thought and not make rush decisions. He ended up deleting his old account.
Bill and Mydystopia have  remained a great support here at HP .... when I felt my voice was so faded and irrelevant they gave me strength and motivation to experiment with different sounds. I cannot thank you guys enough... always in awe.
This piece was very transmuting, when we decided to explore "melancholy" at it's best we didn't know where to begin. But we had a base eventually and words and emotions coiled. This piece took nearly 3 weeks as often I find it hard to express melancholy. But we got there eventually!!!!

To view Bill Hughes melodies please visit his site at: homepage:

Bye Melancholy.... I am playing my happy song (Land Down Under by Men at Work)
SassyJ Jan 2016
The fences erected with barbed wire
A wall translucent with hints of light
The pace of my heart outshines the dark
The blight of the society keeping us apart
As the sea sways from shore to shore
Reign forever my love, I lay my cards to care
It’s the light from the window reigniting hope

The stroll by the ocean is a memory I hold
We first kissed and sealed as the fairly ceased
The reality of the skies and earth encased us
We met and I became a hazard to myself
Your love pierces deeper than crystallized salt
My pupils elongates as I strive your depths
The reminiscence of the pebbled path as I reach

A foreigner to the notion of love, I stray
Yet, on my travels your loneliness haunts me
Reappear to show me the exhibit of love
Clouds uncovered there is no where to hide
Unshell the cage and let me suffuse your all
Obtuse, no lust or obsession possessing me
Resurrect the innate human scenery of true love
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me.

No 3. One a week series collaboration with Lovelust
LoveLust will be the man to help you distinguish the notion of "love" and "lust". The focus of the poem was based on the 3 songs below:
Just another day- Jon Secoda
A different corner George Michael
More than words- Extreme (the melody bring me tears all the time)

The music triggered the emotional refill of the words.   The essence of tunes helped with the inspiration and to dig deeper.

What if you had a love? The one you want and care for so much, but there is a wall separating you. You can see them, them too.... but that's about it!

Lovelust loves music as a form of expression. This helped to bring the piece together... "music as the essence". I tend to love all genres but have some favourites too. It turned out that Lovelust loves "MUSE" a revolutionary band that I love so much too.
Madness by Muse

Enjoy the concert Lovelust and It was great working with you.

To view Lovelust expressions please visit his site at: homepage:
SassyJ Jan 2016
Life as a burden is decent
Treading in hatched up waterways
Swimming in the green brine ebbing tides
Drowned in emotive stances
A being intensified in rapid torrents
Ohh my…fickleness soaked in curiosity

Decent sounds pretty substantial
I lay acquainted to swampy lowlands
My footsteps have tasted salty waters
Stepped, wadding inside the muddy landscape
Inch by inch, halfway, fully submerged
Overloaded by the tide gasping for oxygen

Populaces catwalk with intellectual deficit
Footsteps bereft of creativity and eloquence
The grounds lay dry strangling the in-between
The desert begging to lose their sandy dry skin
The forest whispers with a revolt of transformation
The luscious green splash life sparking drones

Your analogy sways the natured array of trees
The inspiration stings the sun to radiate warmth
All patched in the blueness of bellowing skies
My lungs deflate even on intense inhalation
I tarmac on the passage of time, differently wired
Intermittently cyanosed in faded lived moments

For poetry and art scaffolds and shapes reality
It sparks life and eliminates the drone mentality
Artists arouse inspiration and boost human nature
It bridges the narrowing ledge of ( human diversity/ instead of/ diverse species)
It drives conversation and deepens basic pleasantries
Rotating notions, promoted to a present and active human

I object not, for human essence is essential
A foundation of humanity that inspires and frees
A deed that dips in the depth of a lush oasis
Most sunk and waving “a celebration of celebrities”
Falsified lionization, a control of master puppeteer
Amused by insight, the reciprocal contract of empathy

G= Graff1980
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me.

No 2. One a week series collaboration with Graff1980
Graff is an empath, we bled and worried about the notion of humanity and everyday existence. Where is it we came from? Where are we heading? We wake up every morning and trend in the swampy lowlands. We live in the ever recycled lives, the robotic existence. The drones depict "we". The lack of depth in human conversation can be frustrating.... Is it an intellectual deficit?

We mused about how we live up  lionising celebrities and looking up to them. In turn we forget about our authenticity, our passion, our desire,our freedom. We concluded that poetry and creative forms enables us to bridge that essence of humanity. We indulged in the lush of the oasis, the depth of curiosity.

Wow, working with Graff was evolutional and very mind engaging. The conversations I guarantee are not just a basic pleasantry.... they go right to the core.

Thanks Graff for working with me, I thoroughly enjoyed the energy and motivation to share this contract of empathy.

Please visit Graff homepage for some of his delicacies!
SassyJ Jan 2016
Typewriter keys dwindle
Twinkles of energy hint
Two brains resolving
Revolving conflicts
Hugged in jungles
Jogging in hurdles
Amused to brace and muse
Exploding cannons
Bold to care?
Let's collaborate
Collude energy
Sparkle HP hallways
Inspire humanity
Arouse the energies
Exhume in harmony
Spread the love
Strum the souls
Cut deeper in life
Caress all hearts
Blow fiery kisses
Flame sutured cases
Lay your feelings
An open platform
Don't doubt instinct
Let's collaborate!

**One a week series collaboration.Please read the comments below.All yours, open to write and create . All subjects and individuals are welcome!Please repost and add to collections if you could to widen the audience response. Many thanks J
One a week series in till March 2016. An open platform for anyone to collaborate with me on any creativity opportunity. I am offering myself here for one, for all, for humanity. Please feel free to contact me via message or comment.
SassyJ Jan 2016
Sensation, intuition, feeling, and thinking,
Is wrapped inside a ball,
A small pink ball inside our head,
That won't stop till we're dead,

Analytical bedrock inside oozing theories,
Elemental atoms sizzling logic,
The imaginative stranger,
One abstracted and eccentric,

Walking with shadows,
Talking and mocking,
Through these theories inside us,
Tilting our caps ‘til we’re shaking our heads,

Pensive love in storming analysis,
Sapiosexually excited, piqued interest,
Unemotional and thoughtfully attuned,
Absently minded, always condoned,

Unconventional and impartially stringed,
Weirdly wired in auxiliary functions,
Misconstrued and misunderstood,
An ****** intelligence bleeding paranoia,

Knocking unto me,
Into you, inside us all,
It’s something we all yearn to be,
And when you fail and prevail we laugh,

Crickling crickets thinking nothing,
Washing down the storm drain,
With no thoughts fluidly sliding down my throat,
Pop goes no questions into absolute concise words like freshly broken glass,

Again shadows await, but different shadows,
Blinking at me staring at you,
Wondering what’s what, inside this dementia made sense of a lovely afternoon,
Inside your sane, autocorrected, predetermined, twitching, little…mind.

Inspired by Myers Briggs Personality Test
Tyler is INTP... Logician  (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Perception)
The drifter, dreamer the absent minded professor!
SassyJ is INTJ... Architect  (Introverted INtuitive Thinking Judging)
The starry-eyed idealist manoeuvring life as if a giant chess board!

What Myer Briggs personality type are you?... See link below
It would be great to know.Please comment!!
I am open for One a week collaboration till March 2016. Interested? Leave a comment or message me.

No 1. One a week series collaboration with Tyler James Birabent
Wow, It was creatively fun working with Tyler especially in my first ever collaborative writing here at HP. The piece was inspired by Myers Briggs personality test Tyler is (INTP) whilst I am (INTJ).Tyler is analytical, logical and a very composed individual. At the best of times he has beautifully mused and surprised me.

Thanks Tyler for working with me! ;0)
Tyler HP link:

— The End —