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Let me be your demon
'tis the first thought I had when you held me under the sun,

My black heart has been searching
For pure love I've been longing

I don't deserve the calm you bring
Your voice I'm reminded of when I hear birds sing

It's you I think of when I sing
Only thing on my mind when I think

Come let me be your demon, save me from my hell
Come, be my angel.

by Alexander Orisafele aka wolf
Pretty flower,
So much deeper than all them flowers.

Sweet nectar, need a taste from that cookie jar.

Open up when the sun shine
The glitters reflect of the petals, shine

And when the moon light shines
And waves of your ocean align,

We would dive deep and cause a shock wave,

And ride them till the moon light goes away
Butterfly Effect


Butterfly on my forehead,

I think about and i create; called that the butterfly effect,

I get my power from the waves and the moon,

Now they are gone, too soon.
I think and realise they never left,

Dawn till noon, I sit content, I wait on the sun, I ride on a rainbow,
Gliding through the stars I'm in stealth mode.

On the outside looking in, I spread my wings.
I'm going to float, till I see no more ends

Open my eyes, I'm back on my feet,

I look around at this new reality

I think about and I create.
Must be that butterfly effect.
Mama Africa,

She's a blessing to mankind,

Her soil is fertile and lush,

Her skies are forever sunny and blue,

Underneath the soil lies minerals still yet to be touched.

She has worked for her children, oh, if only they knew!.

Blessed to be born in the bossom of mama Africa,

Cursed!, we allow her to waste and wither

She cries tears of blood, as she watches her children slaughter their brethren for selfish gain

When would we Learn, children of Africa!

When will we learn, we are one Africa!.

The gardens were lush, the air was fresh
This valley at peace, its all that I knew
The sky shone a beautiful blue, weaving and waving, the clouds formed anew
But out of the dept, that dark gust blew through, and alas in a flash it was all gone.
Peering through blurry eyes of mine
Around I looked, my valley was dry
Reaching the peak of sadness and pain
Another life was lost yet again
Death will come at night in the cold
Over the weak, the young, the old
Xylem of life is death, I was told.
Acrostic poem. Find the paradox in The last 7 lines. wolf
A free man, born as a king,
Lost in this jungle, with no idea of who he is

Spent all his years wondering, in search of a greater purpose.

Toiling everyday and night trying to find a way home.

He dint know he was to rule, an emperor being ruled by his subjects.
With no idea of his identity, starting to believe he is who they say he is.

Everyday he laments on the misfortune fate bestows in him,
Looking at the heavens crying out for change

All he had to do was search for the power within, the power he kept dormant and turned to naught.

Accepting this wretched date, he toils till he turns to soil.

He was a freeman, born as a King and died as a slave.

Walking down the street, thoughts about your crazy lies

How we fuss and how we fight but be never do goodbyes

It’s a lonely world without you, how’m I ever getting by.

Shove you and you shove me too

Kiss you and you kiss me too

Hold me, I’m not leaving you

Smoke a ****, I think of you

The more I move away from you, I’m haunted by the thoughts of you

Messing with my heart, my soul

You think I’m never letting go

I’ll just love a little more and then I’m loving you no more.
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