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goddess May 2017
you have been on my mind lately.
i think about you constantly.
you're in my dreams.
you're in my prayers.
i just can't seem to let go of-
goddess Dec 2016
i'm searching.
searching for you in a crowd of people.
searching for your soul out of all of them.
searching for that light that drew me to you when we first met.
where did you go?
where is the soul that once captured mine?
where is that light?
i'm searching.
but i'm beginning to lose hope.
goddess Jul 2016
dear young black girls,
i'm sorry that you cannot turn on the TV and see black female role models.
i'm so sorry that you are constantly being shamed for your natural features.
sorry that you're constantly under the pressure to comply with eurocentric beauty standards.
your skin color is a blessing.
your hair is beautiful.
do not change anything about yourself for the sake of the way society views you.
dear young black boys,
i'm sorry that your constantly seen as a threat to those around you.
i'm so sorry that you cannot gather in in a group with all of your peers without the fear that you're going to be accused of doing wrong.
sorry that society will someday see you as a "deadbeat dad" and someone who won't be able to provide for himself, much less his family.
your skin color is beautiful.
ignore everyone, keep up the good work, you will be successful.
you bleed the same color as every other human being on this planet and i am so sorry that has not yet been recognized after how many years?
you are loved, you are wonderful, you are talented, you are unique.
follow your dreams.
be ambitious.
fight for your beliefs.
stand your ground.
justice will be served.
change will come.
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