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 Sep 2020 Natalija
Datore Fargo
I watched the moon,
last night,
it danced through,
the tree limbs,
onto my,
bare skin.
I pondered,
if maybe,
you too held,
across your chest.
 Sep 2020 Natalija
Jacob Lyons
The moon is always around at night
When your darkness can’t be more bright
Feel the echo attack the silent
It will haunt you, leave you violent
 Sep 2020 Natalija
Hugs embrace
 Sep 2020 Natalija
Hugs are slowly on
it's way back
a welcome return
of a living legend
Cold tea
Don’t like cold tea
Cold tea is not for me
It’s a nurse thing
Cold tea
Not me
We always have cold tea
As a nurse!
 Sep 2020 Natalija
 Sep 2020 Natalija
she does what excites
emotions sided
believed to be brightened
heart enlightened
 Sep 2020 Natalija
Stiji Alphonsa
I am filled..
Covered in Your colours ..
So that You are..
Always with Me..
 Sep 2020 Natalija
 Sep 2020 Natalija
A dreadful thing does creep around,
one careful foot at a time.
A dreadful thing does creep around,
in narrow passages in my mind.

I keep it close, for it is mine,
but no light of day will see.
I keep it close for it is mine,
this torment inside of me.

It's a fragile threat on the mind,
like a draped veil over the mourning.
It's a fragile threat on the mind,
sometimes I hear it calling.

Rendered now, to just my spite,
my loves, you are the ones to receive.  
Rendered now to just my spite,
know it's also my heart that bleeds.

Anger riddles the mind,
it rules and it recks.  
The temper I've ignored,
now like a bird in the mind,
that pecks ....
                        ...................... and pecks.
 Sep 2020 Natalija
Tony Anderson
Within my soul there
Is a light that shines upon
The shadowy darkness that
Theatens to destroy me

Though the light is dim
as it glows
A mighty fire it will become
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