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The greatest achievement in the world on earth
Is to be able to love one and all
And one of the amazing things in life is new birth
And simply watching a waterfall
To see the stars twinkle at night
Is quite amazing
When the moon is bright
And the spirit is rising
In a beautiful world like ours
Just imagine the dark
And just spending the hours
Making your mark
In the world
The moon wasn’t quite complete this morning!
Six am when the day was dawning!
It was missing its bottom bit
As I looked right up at it
It wasn’t even a crescent
I don’t think it was bitten by a pheasant
A pheasant is just too pleasant
It could have been a gull
You know they’re never full
It could have been a swallow
Their little mouths are hollow
I think it was hit by a spaceship
When it’s driver was having a kip!
While losing a sense of inevitable discovery,
and wandering from the galactic ambiance;
I paint a portrait along with the waning stars,
which guide me into a cosmic trance.

White light pierces the hectic scramble,
of planets divulging their intimate secrets;
And asteroids crash into the sea of silence,
where an unworthy moon reveals its regrets.

Calming the chaos within this mystical space,
bringing forward a myriad of sins not forgiven;
The sun delights in a showering of angelic force,
which commands the light of day to enliven.

Clear eyed yet wondering how all this matters,
when the rain and wind can disrupt the visions;
Of celestial peace which appears to scatter about,
the revelations rising from fear and delusions.
Get back in your cage, Dorothy
Let nature observe
Let sharks encircle
Let random impulses
Bring toe-curling raptures
Upon your dreamy imprisonment

Tin, this cage
In which you dwell
Straw, this sky
From which it fell
The only road out of your anxiety
Requires swallowing a pill
As big as the heart of a lion

You want so desperately to leave
Just click your heels
And repeat three times
"There's no place like home"
Then floor it
When the light turns yellow
When the poem
Was effortlessly executed
My heartbeat was speaking
A new-found language of love
That I had never fathomed out before
Deeply romantic parlance
That proved to be more than a fantasy
Stupendous similes and metaphors
That drew a parallel with loving you
Enslaved in the blazing alliteration
Delightful rhymes surfacing
In your mind, sensorial stanzas
Flowing lines that glowed
The way that you did
My handsome affection
Embedded in every gloriously
Poetic word choice selected
To capture your treasured allure
I would like to sing
in the morning
like a wild bird
You can take my song
as your rousing
or leave me a gird!

I sing not to make you jocular
I sing not to make you bother
I sing, 'cause it's my nature!

I would like to fly
in the vast sky
on my own wings
You can be jealous
but I am endless
with all my feelings.

I sing for the green nature
I sing for the flowing river
I can sing, it's my pleasure!

I like to be free from
one tree to another tree,
where I find happiness.
You can be like me
if you want to be.
The space is boundless!
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