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 Sep 2020 Natalija
Prehensile ballet through branches
Watchful eyes of dominant one
Grasping tender shoots
Watching the monkeys forage this morning.
 Sep 2020 Natalija
sssshhhh, did you hear?
it's an amazing day today!

so rise, freshen up!
open your window, light a cigarette,
brew yourself a cup of coffee (or tea, if you prefer that)
freshen up!

because whatever's in line for you today,
the world is out there, welcoming you with open arms!

so raise your glass,
let's toast to a new day ahead!

and when the night comes,
the stars and the moon are going to look down at you smiling,
congratulating you for doing great today!
i love you all, you're all doing great! idk what this poetry is about **** but aye have a great day everybody!
 Aug 2020 Natalija
Kafka Joint
A good music
And a very good coffee  
Is the best philosophy.
Words and phrases swirling
Inside my head
Given to me so freely
I want to return the gift
So they can dance to another tune
In another time
In another room
I want to set them free
So they can fly
And I can watch them
soaring way up high.
 Aug 2020 Natalija
 Aug 2020 Natalija
You never saw
the way I love you

It took me years
of self-hatred

to understand
I was not enough

So I choose myself
and leave
 Aug 2020 Natalija
 Aug 2020 Natalija
It’s empty
It’s cold
Meaningless void
But at least if I bleed
I know I’m alive
I’m real
I exist
They just don’t want me
 Aug 2020 Natalija
Kafka Joint
Don't cry.
Well, if you must.
A bit, then.
There, there.
It's ok, now.
Oh, no.
Yes, I know.
No, I can't cry with you. Even though I'm feeling like it now.
A part of me died when you died,
that’s two things I’ll never be able to get back.
Copyright © 2020
Chloe Martin Snell
All Rights Reserved
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