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She makes my heart
Skip a beat and I thank
The Lord Jesus Christ
For her every day
And because ​all of
My dreams coming true

She's filled my heart with
So much joy and happiness
And with her beautiful
Smile and her warm
Touch she's made my living
On earth worthwhile.
She's Beautiful 😍❤️
lost souls,
they called us

but we weren’t

we were just navigating the

walking with splintered spines
on quicksand

but our hearts had found themselves
thrown together in the chaos

we used each other’s eyes
for mirrors

as reflections of our
I'll write a song
with music and rhyme
and poetry dripping
like dew from a vine.
I'll steal an orchestra
and God's own choir
and serenade you
to my bed of fire.
 Jun 2021 N Kariyawasam
 Jun 2021 N Kariyawasam
I've learned I'm entirely
into tiny fragments.
I don't attempt
to pick up my pieces,
slicing my skin on sharp egdes.
I sat long in the mirror examined my colors... outstanding
my shine, not gone
perhaps not broken.
I said to myself
"I don't need to perfectly fit"
Somehow I'm still beautiful,
sharp, impossible...
I suppose the only thing
left to do...
proudly place them in cement
 Jun 2021 N Kariyawasam
Keep working hard

To reach your dreams

I’ll always be here

Holding your hand
My love for you is
So beautiful and true
Every day my heart
Beats for you and this
Love is beautiful to see
And I love you more
With every heartbeat in life.
True Love ❤️❤️❤️
my soul aches to meet you
maybe in passing, a small moment of connection
my soul aches to meet you
when we are both ready, that’s when we’ll meet
all of our edges smoothed over, renewed
that’s when my soul will meet yours
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