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N K Mar 1
I used talk to you often, now we hardly have a time
We used to meet often but now I'm too tired for those things
I always have things in my mind
The truth is I hardly think about you at all
And when I'm yarning for you, You are busy or asleep
I even thought about ending this
But It's hurt to even think about it
Maybe I do still love you
Now I really don't know what to do...
N K Feb 17
Yeah, I thought she would stay
For a little longer with me
But now she got a boyfriend
Who she likes to share her laughs
And tears
More than with me...
I'm feeling kind of down
Because all my friends are slipping away
IIt's little lonely...
Because It's only me at the end...
N K Dec 2022
The sky is mourning
So is my heart...
I feel the coldness,
Slipping through it's cracks
Into the deep of my broken heart
Making me feels so lonely...
And missing you badly...
N K Sep 2022
Those black eyes...
They hold me captive,
So pure...
So tired...
And I wan't to erase that tiredness
To make them shines
Like the stars in the night sky
N K Sep 2022
We all have that one secret
Which we buried deep in our soul
And hope it will be forgotten oneday
So rest of the world will never know
They will never know...
N K Jul 2022
Since we were born...
We lived a life,
To others expectations...
But when will we have a time
To be our self?
N K Jul 2022
Time is a torture...
When all you can do is wait...
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