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N Kariyawasam Dec 2021
Just for a few minutes...
I forgot who I am
And crossed the line you drew
I'm sorry that I overreacted
I just forgot who I am to you...
N Kariyawasam Dec 2021
She is...
Chasing a heart for four years...
A heart that she knows will never be hers
A heart which already been broken by someone
Even knowing that she is chasing a miracle
But She still chooses to chase...
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
People come and goes
But I thought you would stay
Yeah, you stayed as a scar in my heart
A scar that never heals
And hurts in every once in a while
To make me remember that day
The day you broke my heart
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
Another year goes by...
With some tears,
Some regrets,
And some memories which I hold on tight...
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
Meeteth me at the hour thy soul doth feel not restful
And thy mind becomes silent
At the dawn by the beach
Where we can rest our souls
While our minds keepeth wandering...
N Kariyawasam Aug 2021
She laughed when I said that I'm writing poems
She told me that I never got that talent
And she said "Don't waste your time"
She just wants me to study
Can studying solve every thing.....?
She never wanted to look at my poems...
N Kariyawasam Jul 2021
Yesterday was too perfect for be real
Too perfect for be a dream
I can still remember your warmth
And your touch
The way you looked me in the eye
The way you smiled
It was way too perfect
For me to believe
That it was real...
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