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995 · Nov 2021
Year goes by...
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
Another year goes by...
With some tears,
Some regrets,
And some memories which I hold on tight...
716 · Dec 2021
She is Chasing A Miracle
N Kariyawasam Dec 2021
She is...
Chasing a heart for four years...
A heart that she knows will never be hers
A heart which already been broken by someone
Even knowing that she is chasing a miracle
But She still chooses to chase...
541 · Jul 2021
N Kariyawasam Jul 2021
You are my North
You are my South
But suddenly I feels very lost
Had I followed the wrong direction?
But I always followed my heart
I trust both, my heart and you
526 · May 2021
Here I am
N Kariyawasam May 2021
And here I am, with a bleeding heart
With a dying light
And fighting with the darkness inside
Please give me strength
To hold on tight...
519 · Jun 2021
Away from me...
N Kariyawasam Jun 2021
Every step which you are taking back
You are walking away from me
Bit by bit
Step by step
Away from me
461 · May 2021
N Kariyawasam May 2021
I'm a candle
Which burn it self to light others life
I'm slowly melting away...
Can you see it?
Or you only see the light I give?
302 · Nov 2020
N Kariyawasam Nov 2020
They say everything gonna be alright
But later on, I realized
It's just another fairytale
215 · Jun 2021
N Kariyawasam Jun 2021
While others chasing money
Success, health, happiness
My heart chases you...
197 · Jun 2021
N Kariyawasam Jun 2021
I'm bleeding from my heart
Threw my pen
On an empty paper...
192 · Apr 1
All Alone
And now I'm all alone
Wondering where they all gone
Standing in a dark hall
With bare feet, on a cold floor
All alone...
Where they all gone...
188 · Jun 2021
N Kariyawasam Jun 2021
Yeah, You can call me baby
I will be your friend
I'll be your lover up until the very end
Baby, you don't have to show me your love
'Cause I know you don't pretend
This is not my own creation! I just changed the words in "At my worst" song!
164 · Nov 2021
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
People come and goes
But I thought you would stay
Yeah, you stayed as a scar in my heart
A scar that never heals
And hurts in every once in a while
To make me remember that day
The day you broke my heart
149 · Aug 2021
My poems
N Kariyawasam Aug 2021
She laughed when I said that I'm writing poems
She told me that I never got that talent
And she said "Don't waste your time"
She just wants me to study
Can studying solve every thing.....?
She never wanted to look at my poems...
134 · May 2021
Endless Loop
N Kariyawasam May 2021
It feels like these days are on a endless loop
Where the things keep repeating it self forever
Without you by my side
It feels like life is on a endless loop
Where there is no escape...
134 · Jul 2020
A Little Longer
N Kariyawasam Jul 2020
I always wanted to escape from my life
Have given up long ago
But after you came
I want to stay a little longer
A little longer with you by my side
115 · May 2021
N Kariyawasam May 2021
It will never be over...
Doesn't matter how hard I try
The voice which whisper into my ear will never be gone
It is always be there to make me bleed
To make me cry, to steal my sleep
It will never be gone...
But with your presence, You are like a light to my darkness
You light up my whole word
But darkness will always be there, hiding behind the shadows
please don't leave me, It comes back when you are gone
And I'm not strong enough to hold on anymore...
85 · May 2021
N Kariyawasam May 2021
Girl, you look perfect in my eyes
But why can't you see your beauty
Why comparing yourself with others
Girl you are unique
There is no another one like you
You just have to see it from my eyes...
85 · Nov 2020
N Kariyawasam Nov 2020
I want to tell you
How much you mean to me
But it feels like
Words are stuck  in my throat
Sometimes we can't convert the feelings in to words!
76 · Jul 2020
Night Sky
N Kariyawasam Jul 2020
One day I want to show you the constellations in the sky
And fall asleep with you under the night sky
In a new moon day when the stars shines bright
On a grass field where the fireflies fly
75 · May 2021
N Kariyawasam May 2021
If it is not a sin,
I have done it long ago...
69 · Jul 2020
N Kariyawasam Jul 2020
As the day went by
As the sun embrace the Ocean
And the moon taking her turn
My mind wonders about you

The night is peaceful
With hoot of some owls
But night feels like a mystery
Mystery like you

As my lids become heavy
And body began to relax
My mind starts to wonder
Wonder about you

Sometimes you steal my sleep
You keep me awake
And sometimes embrace me in my dreams
It’s always you and always will be
To the love of my life
64 · Jul 2020
N Kariyawasam Jul 2020
I always dream
Dream about how it felt
Falling asleep in your arms
About how it felt
You resting your head on my shoulder
How it felt
Walking with your hand in mine
And always dream
Dream about your smile
When it lighted up my whole world
About your voice
When it helped me to keep my sane
And I always dream
Dream about the time
The time when you belonged with me
62 · Jul 2021
The Perfect Day
N Kariyawasam Jul 2021
Yesterday was too perfect for be real
Too perfect for be a dream
I can still remember your warmth
And your touch
The way you looked me in the eye
The way you smiled
It was way too perfect
For me to believe
That it was real...
N Kariyawasam May 2021
I used to believe
The things are going to be all right
It will get better tomorrow
But the truth is
It's only getting worse
And I ended up thinking
Yesterday was better than today
62 · Jun 2021
N Kariyawasam Jun 2021
Another sleepless night
With you hot on heels in my mind...
56 · Nov 2020
Dark Words...
N Kariyawasam Nov 2020
Hate it when I got some words
Whispering to my mind over and over
But don’t know how to get them out of me
Those words…. Those dark words are killing me inside
And no one can help me, Even I can’t save my self
They make me want to curl into a ball
And cry all day and night
But I have to look stronger right?
Look stronger until I crumble down…
56 · May 2021
N Kariyawasam May 2021
I got so many things inside my head
But don't know how to tell
Just an open book
Blank page
And me...
46 · Jul 2021
Just afraid
N Kariyawasam Jul 2021
I'm just afraid
Afraid that one day I will brake your heart
I don't want to be the reason you're hurting
Don't want to be the reason for your tears
I just want to
Just want to love you forever
43 · Nov 2021
Tired Soul...
N Kariyawasam Nov 2021
Meeteth me at the hour thy soul doth feel not restful
And thy mind becomes silent
At the dawn by the beach
Where we can rest our souls
While our minds keepeth wandering...
35 · Dec 2021
Who I am...
N Kariyawasam Dec 2021
Just for a few minutes...
I forgot who I am
And crossed the line you drew
I'm sorry that I overreacted
I just forgot who I am to you...

— The End —