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Steven Boston Aug 16
Sweet smelling nectar floats fervently
Its auroa encompasses our aching beat
as our branches intertwine our rosey clarity
everlasting binding forged for two
grafted upon a ray of serene beams

her emerald gaze pierces my scarlet thread
spilling secrets never told
intoxicating vivid vivacious veil
falls with its spells attached
roaming the shores of fragrant forever

to be yours
to be known
to be loved
Steven Boston Sep 2020
Barbed wire intrinsic thought
in the trenches forever caught
wearily wraps conscious care
in nomansland laying bare
bullet grazes flesh is torn
tear gas erupts heavens mourn
battle of malicious mind
bayonets cross the ghastly grind
ensnared in perpetual prison
doubtful fear rambunctiously risen
Steven Boston Aug 2020
To speak of the silent voice
would be to be laid bare
as the world glares on
gavel in hand ready to slam downwards
passing sentence to another

Imagine thyself
encapsulated in the looking eye
gavel dissolves with a heart melt
pondering their weary woes of ticking time past

Tear trickles your consciousness
meandering through vascular alleyways
no longer bound by piercing sight
but flourishing in a garden of unconditional compassion
Judgement to compassion was the theme! Was thinking how our perspective can change about a person through the lense that we view them.
Steven Boston Aug 2020
Porcelain fragments
crumbling like aged papyrus
into voice of being
ego echoed
to shores of Normandy
consume thyself
Taking a look within and the war with self
Steven Boston Aug 2020
Life not lived
in still stance
glued to my tree like altar
dreaming of what could of been
roaming the Serengeti scorched trails
my flesh beating
jungle drums blaring
head high in a roof of galant green

alas the realness of reality revertebrates into my cold expanse
I am but a statue of beauty crafted
hands of my maker smooth but firm
as they caressed my curves
connected in that memorable moment
standing still in ticking time
ever eternal
state static
I wrote this about an ornament Elephant sitting on a table in my living room
Steven Boston Aug 2020
Traversing lands green desolate of human connection
to view from afar weary shapes of relationship fractured
seismic shifting barrenness of enveloping another rhythmic beat
two kindred north to south shackled in sergeants chains
pondering seasons of antiquity
captured momentarily meandering wonderfully through synaptic responses
neurons ablaze in glory of timeless touch
Steven Boston Jul 2020
Falls of the liquid clear
rushing and crashing
transparency diamond sheeted
beyond a glimmer of another world
lies hope of an eye seen

Bewildering beat within
skips in song
thirsty I lavishly drink it in
beauty perceived in a moment quenched
as I survey the tumbling tears of creations cries
Was thinking of a waterfall earlier so wrote this
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