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Stars shining
So bright and there
Twinkling in the
In the sky tonight
And I'm watching them
Shining all through the night.
Stars ✨✨✨🀩🀩🀩
Once in a dream
I inhaled the night sky
Becoming one
With its hue

I replaced every star
With a sigh

All except for the ones
That reminded me of you

I then kept
Just enough of the sun
To torture it till Jun

Planting six seeds
For my lover

And grew them under
The pink moon
There is only now
Boiling and blistering now
Sit and breathe through now
Sweet fragrant citrus
Awaken my tired senses
The essence of home
After the storm's wake
Remember there's still beauty.
Bow to the rainfall.
do you remember yourselves?
do you recall your arrogance?
ah,it was yours!?-
we were a species of non-human-

there to increase your wealth..
your beauty enhanced,
were you the law
of a proud land-!

but you got what you deserved?
a little bird has told such
and it came from the core-
your own hand..!
i am asked if i remember myself-
I re set my heart and programmed friest software-

Cause sometimes in life
You gain it all when get one chance
Then lose it all on a fake romance
Go through all of the pain
Only to learn all loves the same
Sometimes we waste our life chasing after a fake romance or someone we don’t deserve and lose sight on what we really want so remember you deserve better you deserve to build a life for yourself not for others
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