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1.2k · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
So Wily Are All The Politicians,
Surprised Are Today's Academicians.
Hundreds Of Wily Might Have Died
To Give Birth Just To A Politician.
Politics Is Becoming Dirtier Day By Day. Almost All Countries Are Victim To Bad Politics. Corona Has Exposed Them.
656 · May 31
Dance of Nature
As I Move Out,
Butterflies Welcome Me,
Seeing Their Punctuality,
I Bow To Thee,
Further I Keep Moving
To The District Park
The Aroma Of Golden Flowers
Fully Fills Within Of Me.  
That miraculous Gift
I Get From Cassia Fistula
That Are In Full Glory
Because Of Its Flowers,
The Cuckoos Coo
And The Peacocks Dance
Fully Drenched I Am
In The Coolest Showers.
Walks before sunrise not only refresh us but also enrich us with new experiences. The experience may differ from person to person; but they sure add some extra in their store of experienced.
442 · Mar 28
God And The Child
The Teacher Was Moving Around,
Saw The Child Drawing A Sketch,
She Came Nearer To The Child,
Saw Her Laboring At A Stretch.

The Teacher Said,
“What Are You Drawing Dear Mine,”
The Child Said With A Smile,
“I Am Making The Divine.”

The Teacher Reminded The Child,
“No One Knows What God Looks Like,”
The Child Quipped Smilingly,
“Just Wait And See what God Looks Like.”
Innocence Is One Of The Traits Of A Child. His Innocence Is Coupled With Firm Faith In Himself And In What He Does. The Poem Exhibits The Same Innocence And Trust.
385 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
Love is that sweet
which dumb eats
Tastes and enjoys
But cannot say what it is.
Can Anyone Define Love? I think It Is Impossible. What Do You Say?
375 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
She Was My Always Best Friend,
Till Corona Became The Trend,
Now Self-Survival Is My Goal,
Rest May Go To Place Of Torment.

Don't Think I Am Feeling Happy,
As She Still Keeps Pricking Within Me,
Inhuman And Dead I Am, Not She;
She Will Still Keep Standing By Me.
A Time Comes When A Person Thinks Only Of Himself. Corona Is Such Situation. Everyone Is Scared Of The Other.
360 · Apr 18
Aggrieved By The Ecological Loss
Worried About The Nature They Say,
"Vultures Are Now Extinct,"

Amused I Said,
"No Friend, No.
They Are Still There,
The Difference Is Only This,
They Have Grown Arms
Instead Of Wings."
Today People Are Worse Than Vultures. Vultures Waited For The Dead, But The People Prey Upon Alive.
360 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Scholars Have Been Busy
To Know What Is Religion?
Each one of them Differs
Could Not Give A Definition.

For Simple-Hearted People
Religion Is To Respect Mankind,
If One Cannot Do Good To Anyone
Then Not To Be At Least Unkind.
What Is Religion? Religious Scholars Keep Debating. But Is There Any Religion Than Humanity?
324 · May 2020
My Beloved And Rose
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
O Rose! Why Are You So Egoistic?
More Charming Is Face Of My Beloved,
Her Lips Are Redder Than Your Petals,
Her Heart Is Softer Than Your Kernel,

She Gyrates On Her Two Nimble Feet In The Air,
Which You Cannot Do Without Feet Be Aware,
If You See Her You Will Blush On Your Pride,
She Is Such A Fine, Gentle And Lovely Bride.
The Poem Is Self-Expressive. It Is A Tribute To My Lost Beloved Who Had Died Decades Ago. But Her Memories Are Still Fresh.
295 · Apr 21
The God Made Beautiful Universe
After That He Felt Greatly Relieved,
He Himself Was So Unsure
Of He Made It, So Never Believed.

Sitting With His Ministers Said He,
“I Am Happy At My Creation,
See How Much Peace Prevails Therein.”

Satan Listened The Talk Stealthily,
He Smiled And Sent His Emissary Quietly,
Do You Know Who Was That Messenger?
It Was The First Politician On Land
To Put The World In Danger.
Politicians Are The Cause Of All Chaos In The World. For Power, They Will Do Anything.
289 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
She is always with me
Never leaves me alone
It is I
Who fail her....
We are so much lost in the material world that miss everything else.
277 · Apr 12
Happiness Seller
Happiness Happy Seller Was He,
Used To Roam From Street To Street,
Selling Happiness At Throwaway Price,
In Hours Sold His Wares; Made Retreat.

I Asked Price Of A Piece Of Happiness,
He Said, "I Never Demand Any Price,
Whatever Anyone Gives I Accept
Whole-heartedly Without Thinking Twice.

I Was Surprised; Asked Him Again.
"How Do You Meet Your Basic Needs?"
He Said, "As I Sell Happiness To Anyone,
His ****** Glow Gives Me That I Need.
Happiness Is In Giving Not In Hoarding.
264 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
If we pray from the deeps of heart
Prayers reach straight to God,
Whatever we know and practise
It is due the benevolence of the God.

As I reach the park early morning
Four friends daily greet me,
Not a single day passes by
So punctual are they to meet me.

They know to which side I shall go
They lead me to my fixed post,
Keep looking back at me
If I am coming or somewhere lost.

Before I do they grab my bench
Where I exercise and relax,
As I scold them to leave
They get down, cling to my legs.

They are four legged friends
Better than the two legged,
So humble, loving and caring
Who wait for the two legged?
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti
Animals are proving to be better friends than people. And most glaring is that these animal-friends are selfless. They love us unconditionally.
261 · Mar 26
My Beloved
O Rose!
Why Are You So Egoistic?
More Charming Is My Beloved,
Her Lips Are Redder
Than Your Petals,
Her Heart Is Softer
Than Your Kernel,

She Gyrates On Her
Nimble Feet In The Air,
Which You Cannot Do
Without Feet Be Aware,
If You Ever See Her
You Will Blush On Your Pride,
She Is Such A Fine,
Gentle And Lovely Bride.
Love Sharpens Imagination. Do You Also Feel So?
245 · Jul 21
Mysteries Of Life
Race Of The Life Never Ends
Till The People Reach Their Goal,
People Face All The Race Boldly
As They Are No Less Bold,

Not Only They Complete The Race
They Enjoy Life's Ups And Downs
Oscillation Right To Extreme Left
And Left To Extreme Right
Brings On Their Faces
Not A Single Frown.

Life Is Not Less Than Rainbow,
Has No Less Than Seven Colors,
That Gives Us Moments Of Joys
And Disappear Like Sweet Odors.

People Who Aren't Overjoyed
Nor Are Saddened Too Much,
Make Their Lives Pleasurable,
Rest Feel Life Is Sans happiness.

Life Is Like A Rainbow,
Has Its Two Ends Down,
But Notice Its Central Verge
That Touches Heavens.
Even In Normal Times, Life Is Full Of Ups And Downs. If #Covid Type Situations Arise, The People Are Highly Disturbed. But The Wise Always Remember That All Days Are Not Alike. So They Keep Their Cool And Face The Realities Of Life In A Pragmatic Manner.
232 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Said One Of My Curious Comrades,
"Please Define Love In Lines Four,
Lines Should Not Be More Than Four."

Said I, "Dear! If Love Could Be Defined In Words,
Then It Might Have Been Understood By Everyone,
As Love Is That Sweetest Confectionery Of A Dumb,
Which He Eats His Bellyful, Knows but Can Tell Nothing.
Everyone Talks Of Love. New Gen Is Fond Of This Phrase, "I Love You." Funny It Looks To Me As Nothing Is Left After These Three Words Whereas Love Has No Limits. Knows No Boundaries.
228 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
Life is A big game of
More snakes than ladders
Sometimes it is very low
At other time it betters.

But how does it matters
We have still the Sayers?
Let the life do anything
We are its main players.
Om Shanti Om Shanti Om Shanti

Let’s play it as we like
Let the snake gobble us,
Climb on and on upwards
Even if ladders topple us.

Snakes are the troubles
Ladders are tools to go up
Let both play their roles
Lion hearted say cheer up.

Snakes make us thumbs down
Ladders make us thumbs up
Who take both in their stride
Life they keep cheering up?  

Life is lotus in the slush
Water is ladder keeps it up
Slush like snakes pulls it down
But water still boosts it up.

Both are necessary for life
Both maintain its balance
One coaxes us to move on
The other tests our patience.
Life Is Full Of Failures. Less Successes And More Disappointments. But Why To Worry? Do Duty And Move On.
218 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
Is Each Person's Life
Not A Fiction?
Beginning And Ending;
In Between Tears, Cheers...
What Not?
Each One's Life Is Highly Interesting. Comedies And Tragedies: All Shall We Find.
218 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Better If You Give Poison
But Never Give False Promise,
Better Kick Me With Disdain
But Never Give False Love.

Better Not To Hurry To See
Eye Into My Eye Dear Mate,
But Once We Are In Liaison
Better To Make Common Fate.
It Is Often See That The People Fall In Love But Separate Sooner Than Expected. Love Has Neither Beginning Nor Ending.
202 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
Love is that acute pain which all cannot know and tolerate,
Love is that happiness, which cannot be enjoyed by everyone,
Love is that tear, which cannot flow from everyone's eyes,
And love is that boon which is not in the luck of everyone.
Everyone Uses The Word Love Frequently And Almost Daily. Among New Gen It Has Become A Custom To Keep Repeating,"I Love You."  But What After That? Perhaps Nothing. Actual Love Cannot Be Expressed In Words. Yes, Eyes Can Show It. Quivering Lips Can Express It. Even Each Pore Of The Body Can Display It But Words Can Never.
196 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Life Without Love
Is Like Desert
As The Desert Is
Without An Oasis.

Life With Love
Is Like A Green Pasture
Wherein We
Not Only Physically
But Also Spiritually Mature.
Love Creates. Love Nurtures.
196 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
You’r exploiting the weaker
The same way
As you are being exploited
By the mightier in anyway.

And this vicious circle goes on
Where the mightiest reigns on.

If you want to break
This vicious circle
Then start at least
At your own level.

Bring a smile on
The face of a sad one
Bring hues to the
Life of a deserted one.

Agree what can one flower
Do in this vast jungle,
But remember
Your blossoming will
Be a great revolution

Seeing you flowering
Other buds will be motivated,
By your blossoming
At least a corner will be scented.

What’s the use of
Sitting hands-crossed
Better to do little
Than sitting legs-crossed,

So try giving a mild ****
To this vicious circle.
If you are sincere onr
Then see the miracle.

Then realise what is
Your actual existence,
A single tiny lamp
Disperses darkness
With in its range,
The Weak Is Exploited By The Stronger. It Is A Vicious Circle. No None Escapes It. But For Humanity Sake It Ought To Stop.
195 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
Women live by heart
Men by head,
Former is ever alive
The latter is emotionally dead.

Heart represents love
So women feel more deserted
Head is crafty
So men are less broken hearted.

Men are extroverts
Always look out for pleasures,
Women are introverts
Staying in is their nature.

The former is bumble bee
Never is contented with one,
The latter is honey bee
Collects for the she loves one.

Women are for what they have
Men look for more and more,
They squander for pleasures
Women take care of the store.

Men are like South Pole
They are haughty and aggressive,
Women are North Pole
Humility makes them submissive.

This variance makes
The former very intolerant,
The latter bears the brunt
As she is by nature very tolerant.

Men are too spendthrift
Are fond of too much flirting,
Women are preservers
As she is fond of saving and saving.

But these differences
Are in tune with Mother Nature
Positive mixed with negative
Produces the newest manpower.
Women Are Preservers. Nature Has Made Them So.
187 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
"Arey O Bumble Bee!
I Always Greet Thee,
Why're You So Restless,
Spend Little Time With Me."

Bumble Bee Replied,
"Juice Sucker I Am
****. Then I Leave
Not At All Restless I Am.”

Rose Said With Grim Voice,
“Noted For Future Use,
Shall Be Very Careful
That No More You Misuse.
Readers To Muse On The Contents Of The Poes.
181 · May 2020
Thank You
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
As Anyone Says "Thank You,"
I Feel, "I Am Made Unknown."
I Too Shrink At Such Formal Ways
Making Me Myself To Me Unknown.

Is It Necessary To Say "Thanks"
Or "Sorry" Between The Closest,
I  Feel Such Formalities
Throw Us Apart The Farthest.

Informal Ways Bring Us The Closest
Make Our Lives Simpler And Easier,
Remove The Pomp And Shows,
Bring Us To The Closest To Nature.
I Quite Often Listen "Thank You" And "Sorry" Which Look Very Odd. At Least I Feel As I Am Being Made A Stranger. Excess Of Everything Is Said To Be Bad. So Shun Excesses...
169 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
Fight Between Rulers And People
For Latter’s Democratic Rights,
Is Just Like A Tiny Lamp Who
Faces A Storm To Safeguard Its Light.

And Fight Goes On And On
To Become The First World War,.
Few Objectives Achieved
Rest Are Left For Second World War.

Who Cares For The Poor?
So The Struggle Goes On,
May Be Waiting For The Third
To Stop The Unjust System Go On.
There Goes On A Struggle Between Rulers And The People. The Latter Are Generally Exploited. So The Struggle Goes On.
161 · May 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj May 2020
People All Over The World
Have Committed So Many Crimes,
That Nature Has Made Them
To Hide Their Faces In Shame.
My View Of Corona Is That It Is Nature's Fury Against Sinful Living Of The People All Over The World. I Never Saw Women At Risk As They Were Pre-Corona. What Happens After The Virus Is Completely Killed, I Can't Say. But #My_View Is That There Ought To Be Some Positive Change. What Do You Think Esteemed Readers?
155 · Apr 2020
Dr K S Bhardwaj Apr 2020
If darkness could have been dispersed by lamps,
Who would have longed for the moon?
If one could live alone in this vast world,
Who would have longed for ***** chums?
Man Is A Social Animal. She / He Cannot Live On Her / His Own. She / He Needs Company. And Friends Are The Best To Be Near And Dear.
153 · Mar 8
On Women's Day
After Making Universe
God Was More Nervous,
How To Create The World
Was His Problem Arduous.
After Giving Great Thought
He Came Up With A Creation,
Made The Prettiest Soul
That's Now Called Woman.
Further Creation Made Him
More Perplexed And Worried,
He Can't Be Everywhere To
Take Care Of His New Breed.
He Again Chose The Same
Prettiest Self-Made Creature,
And Gave This Responsibility
Suitable To Her Inborn Nature.
Today Is Women's Day. But In My Opinion, Each Day Is Of Women, For The Women And By The Women Otherwise Men's Life Would Become Hell. This Small Poem Is A Tribute To All Women.
109 · Mar 26

Those Who Fear Death,
They Too After All Die,
Those Never Fear Death,
They Too After All Die,

But Great Difference Is
In The Death Of Both,
One Dies Like A Jackal,
Other Dies Like A Moth.
One must not fear death. That is other side of life. Optimism provides happiness to life. Death also do the same by giving another fresh lfe.
23 · Sep 3
I Am Just A Zero
Wish I Merge In Zero,
Only Then Shall I
Survive As Zero.

Otherwise I Shall Be Lost,
My Self Will Be Just Nil,
Merging Yields Happiness
Wish To Get It At Any Cost.

— The End —