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 Dec 2020 Carla
But the boy told the girl,
“I will always protect you.”
And, for the first time,
She believed him.

The boy told the girl,
“You are special.”
And, for the first time,
She believed him.

The boy told the girl,
“Your soul is made of pure gold.”
And, for the first time,
She believed him.

The boy told the girl,
“I love you.”
And, for the first time,
She believed him.
 Dec 2020 Carla
 Dec 2020 Carla
I lie awake remembering, wishing I could sleep to forget.
 Dec 2020 Carla
 Dec 2020 Carla
People always say they wish they couldn't feel.
Apparently pain is worse than nothing.

My coping mechanism would beg to differ.
 Dec 2020 Carla
A Dead Poet
Take my lips, and stain them.
Take my arms, and hold them,
Take my heart, and break it.
Take my eyes, so they can see,

Take my hips, and move them.
Take my legs, dance with them.

Better yet. . .

Take my soul, into yours.
   So we can dance in a state of purgatory
      in endless bliss, take me. . .

-T͓̽a͓̽k͓̽e͓̽ ͓̽m͓̽e͓̽
 Dec 2020 Carla
A Dead Poet
it's so easy to love someone,
when that person does not love you,
   He will mock you,
        He will use you,
            He will leave you disgusted,
              & broken too.
                But, its so easy to love him.

It's so hard to love someone,
  when that person loves you.
    He will cherish you,
        He will support you,
          He will leave you happy,
            & ecstatic too.
               But, yet its so hard to love him.

I'm down on the floor,
beggin' You,
my True Faithful Amen,
because it's up to You.
not ending this with, 'amen' -
it's not done, it doesn't end,
not until I see,
my Amen face to face,
saved from this place.
beggin', floor, face to face, part 3 of 3, Birds of December, a nobody, painfully written, writers write, poetry, writers of instagram
 Dec 2020 Carla
The Lonely Poet
Hands wrapped together in an eternal *******.
Promises whispered to the universe.
Your touch, so soft, like a butterfly's wings.
Our heartfelt embrace and our final farewell.
If I'd known that it would've been forever, I would've held on a little longer.
Held you a little tighter.
Kissed you a little more.
The streetlight, flickering, bathed in moonlight.
The rain, blanketing the world in a blinding mist.
A screech of tires.
A flash of blood.
You, my love, were no more.
You left me forever.
And you took my heart with you.
 Dec 2020 Carla
 Dec 2020 Carla
You must've felt our tie break because you called right away. You tried to stick your hand back in the wound and found out it had already scarred over.
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