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You Mar 2020
The human humiliates himself for a living
And whoever is slave at the servile is humiliated

O mute carefree those who to complain and please
You scream silently and no one is listening

Whoever feeds the servile will provide you fairly
Do not be disheartened by the little permanent

Maintain healthy and calm self
Better than money from a servile insulted
My last day with you
You Feb 2020
I spend sometime with myself
Nothing serious but so important
To talk with me sometimes
And resolve the difficulties

Most of the times we are best friends
But other times like nemesis
Just to not agree on something
Doesn't mean I don’t love myself

When we agree on something
I love myself even more
Useful to have different opinions
Learn new idea I didn’t know

I hate when myself lie to me
Just to make me feel good
The Lie is forgotten but the regreet remains
Any truth is better than make believe
You Feb 2020
How much difficult to lose my mum and YOU in my life.
Because the most people that I loved so much.
I just want to say goodbye!
So goodbye.
It's sad, but we have to do it.
Be sure that is my last words to you.
I promise!
Kiss to all your kids.
Take care!

To say goodbye to your lover
She is in life
But you have to say to your mind that she is dead
And erase her scars from your heart
So goodbye.
#love #heart #death #goodbye #sadness
  Jan 2020 You
Have you ever looked evil in the eye?

           I have

    And he winked

A tone as smooth as velvet

A grin of a boy

His lips parted seas,

of churning lava

But I saw a pool,

     to dip my toes

He splashed playful twists and turns

    Till I was soaked

And drops trickled down my skin,

    scathed by sin

That murky tank of burns.
This was on my old page & I didn’t want to lose it as part of my collection, so here it is.
You Jan 2020
Beauty, like ice voice
Our foot betrays, no choice

Who can walk on sweetness
Slippery track meetness

Satisfied with the elegance surface
Quickly skid on the face

I saw the dangers for a mile
That I cannot avoid in awhile

But I always drawn to it
I can't get enough from it

Forgive me for my misdeed
I am just a beauty addicted
Beauty, like ice, our footing does betray; Who can tread sure on the smooth, slippery way: Pleased with the surface, we glide swiftly on, And see the dangers that we cannot shun.
John Dryden
You Jan 2020
I smile at you to not worry you
Disguised in the happy mask
To hide my pain in the grin
But a smile, it doesn't hurt
I know you have problems
You struggle in life
But life is too short
And smile looks good on you
Sometimes the best thing is
Not think
Not wonder
Not act
Just smile
You Jan 2020
Just enough
the end is close
No tears dropped
Forgiveness for some
Other forgot us
We’re not with you
We’re leaving cerebellum
I am not alone
Too late for thinking
Just free me now
Or I will jump
Don’t push me yet
It’s not your turn
I am leaving first
Don’t catch me, stop
Thank you a lot
For helping me, stop
Get out of my thoughts
idea, brain, mind, thoughts
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