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Feb 2021 · 776
Running to learn
You Feb 2021
I don't want to cross anyone
And I don't want to be late  
So I'm still running      
I'm still learning
Jun 2020 · 202
Thank you for loving me
You Jun 2020
Thank you for loving me
And from your existence you have forbidden me
And with delicacy, you left me
With the same precision, you slaughtered me
Your love was all that mattered to me
So you deserted me
You hurt me
You killed my heart
And killed me
May 2020 · 149
Catch Time
You May 2020
The hour passed fast in no time, no second missing
Your head on the clock and you still on threaten
Watching your time life slip without taking possession

Conscience intervened, got you second guessing
How can I capture time to prevent this passing
Minute has just finished and end in the thinking

I must do something quick and exploit this wasting
Do good deeds before this life period fading
There is an end and the death is waiting
Apr 2020 · 219
No life left
You Apr 2020
Suddenly it was over
All colors changed to black
But white was still fighting for hope
Shouts, cries from gray in the middle
Blue trust surrounded by doubt
Purple imagination becomes limited
Even pink was lacking of love
And who could stop the red bleeding
Too late for that, nothing to bled
No life left
gray : compromise
blue : trust
purple : imagination
pink : love
Mar 2020 · 238
You Mar 2020
Do not break your head to think for nothing
What will happen, will happen for a lot of reasons
Climb the stairs and ring the bell what are you waiting
I know the story from the start from the first season
The last one is much more, much more shocking
14 years later you forgive them, like it wasn't a treason

Just stop and focus on what you are going to do now
Get up, shout out, scream out loud, don't leave nothing inside
Look them in the eye, show them why you make that vow
Loses that weight to not be right of their crowning pride
Free yourself for this burdens and let them see how
Breakthrough and get out of that black shadow side

When we want we can despite the difficulties
Mar 2020 · 164
Scream in silence
You Mar 2020
The human humiliates himself for a living
And whoever is slave at the servile is humiliated

O mute carefree those who to complain and please
You scream silently and no one is listening

Whoever feeds the servile will provide you fairly
Do not be disheartened by the little permanent

Maintain healthy and calm self
Better than money from a servile insulted
My last day with you
Feb 2020 · 1.5k
with myself
You Feb 2020
I spend sometime with myself
Nothing serious but so important
To talk with me sometimes
And resolve the difficulties

Most of the times we are best friends
But other times like nemesis
Just to not agree on something
Doesn't mean I don’t love myself

When we agree on something
I love myself even more
Useful to have different opinions
Learn new idea I didn’t know

I hate when myself lie to me
Just to make me feel good
The Lie is forgotten but the regreet remains
Any truth is better than make believe
Feb 2020 · 260
So goodbye
You Feb 2020
How much difficult to lose my mum and YOU in my life.
Because the most people that I loved so much.
I just want to say goodbye!
So goodbye.
It's sad, but we have to do it.
Be sure that is my last words to you.
I promise!
Kiss to all your kids.
Take care!

To say goodbye to your lover
She is in life
But you have to say to your mind that she is dead
And erase her scars from your heart
So goodbye.
#love #heart #death #goodbye #sadness
Jan 2020 · 961
You Jan 2020
Beauty, like ice voice
Our foot betrays, no choice

Who can walk on sweetness
Slippery track meetness

Satisfied with the elegance surface
Quickly skid on the face

I saw the dangers for a mile
That I cannot avoid in awhile

But I always drawn to it
I can't get enough from it

Forgive me for my misdeed
I am just a beauty addicted
Beauty, like ice, our footing does betray; Who can tread sure on the smooth, slippery way: Pleased with the surface, we glide swiftly on, And see the dangers that we cannot shun.
John Dryden
Jan 2020 · 272
You Jan 2020
I smile at you to not worry you
Disguised in the happy mask
To hide my pain in the grin
But a smile, it doesn't hurt
I know you have problems
You struggle in life
But life is too short
And smile looks good on you
Sometimes the best thing is
Not think
Not wonder
Not act
Just smile
Jan 2020 · 542
You Jan 2020
Just enough
the end is close
No tears dropped
Forgiveness for some
Other forgot us
We’re not with you
We’re leaving cerebellum
I am not alone
Too late for thinking
Just free me now
Or I will jump
Don’t push me yet
It’s not your turn
I am leaving first
Don’t catch me, stop
Thank you a lot
For helping me, stop
Get out of my thoughts
idea, brain, mind, thoughts
Dec 2019 · 76
Forget her
You Dec 2019
I opened my eyes
I saw the whole city
I was falling from the sky
I don't remember how I did get here
The air on my cheeks
Forgot her for a moment
In paradise without her
Felt good to live in this dream
Forever alone

When she left me
I wonder why
Every day, every hour, every minute
That’s hurt

Don't waste your time, my time
Open your eyes and see

What's in front of you and think about the future
Without her in it

Open your eyes never thought of her again
Live your life like a king
And forget when you were like a slave
Wasting your time for her

She didn't love you

her, forget
Dec 2019 · 182
You Dec 2019
Failure is not a failure
The failure is an effect after an experience
You can't let it bring you down
Contrary you can learn from it
And develop yourself to the best
So that the next time you will not fail

If you fail again get up and try again
Be certain you didn't learn enough
Just continue, sooner or later you will succeed

The big failure is that you know your mistake
And you haven't done anything to fix it
After a while you will regret it

You had the time to do something
But you missed it
Not a problem, start again
You’re still breathing so you have the time

To correct your path and try again
Finally you are not hopeless
You can do it, don't lose the hope
sooner or later you will succeed
Dec 2019 · 78
Attitude !
You Dec 2019
I don’t know why everyone care only about himself

yesterday I was in a bad mood
I started the day like everyday
Do my work and not to be rude

This is my attitude !
You Dec 2019
I won't just give up

New punch in the chest
Only one more I can take
I feel, I will fall anytime

In the end, I did it my best
And I don't know what's mistake I made
Loving you it's not a crime

Just respond to my final request
Before I disappear and slowly fade
And save me from this dark clime

I hope that is just a test
Because I’m possessed
with your paradise shade

So please let me rest
In that beautiful jail mermaid
Until the end and all the time
You Dec 2019
Take it easy
It is not easy
But do not be lazy
The objective make you busy

Start it slowly
Think about it swiftly
Use your thoughts smartly
The idea will get out finally

I must be persistent to achieve my goals
And never lose the path or listen to those fools
I have made my decision to follow my rules
And work every day without regret or excuse

I told you, I will be fine
But I know, I am losing time
And I hope, I don’t lose my mind
Or I go far and cross that line

Start right now, just bring your determination
Step by step you will evaluate the motivation
Learn from your previous mistakes and miscalculation
And use all your knowledges to create a beautiful citation.
Dec 2019 · 475
Be ready
You Dec 2019
When the time comes out
Bring all your weapons
It will be no doubt
Or moment of guessing
A lot of tears and shouts
So much anger and aggression

So be ready.
Dec 2019 · 350
You Dec 2019
It’s impossible to argue with you dear
Or even try to give you a useful advice
And I will give it to you to take the right decision

You're doing what you want and in few time you hear
Always I've tried to guide you to the right direction wise
That's what I do and I will do it’s only my mission

I am just the reasonable voice whispering in your ear
Responsable to help you with ideas and be precise
But It will never happen because I am you, in your head

Forgive me to yell out loud, I feel like in a hole deeper
I know that you ignore me and I will pay the price
But you will never stop me or lead me to your Faith misled

I have to wait for the day when I will take control

Jul 2019 · 106
Summer vacation
You Jul 2019
Happy summer vacation
Enjoy yourself in that beautiful location
Loses all the problems and the job frustration
And forget about that meaningless botheration
You will escape that circle of agitation
I wish you all the best and a nice holiday relaxation
Jul 2019 · 229
My life
You Jul 2019
My life is a mess
I search for success
And I get only unkindness
I am in a great distress
Advise me to get off this stress
Keeps me sane and helps me not regress
Until now everybody progress
And I am still in the ingress
for a friend
Jul 2019 · 163
try harder
You Jul 2019
We must try harder
Even we will arrive late
Don't tell me give up
I am not losing faith
I will make you proud
Just watch and wait
I don't listen to the crowd
They don't block my sight

Are you done or I can continue
This is just a motivation to trace the road
The future is ours me and you
Tomorrow is coming and I started to workload
There is always a problem but it is not the issue
Make in your head that the goods will flowed
All the knowledge i share with you
To you to remember that is gonna blowed
We must be ready to get what's brand new
And don't lose the path and the battery load

Don't get me wrong it is not a fiction
We need break out of this mind prison
Ask for GOD to light our vision
And get us out of this dark illusion
The road is far pick up your munition
It is a volition and a conviction
We will succeed with our parents benediction
And the encourage of the friends without hesitation
So stay in the right road and claim your future position
Never say it's too late or it is a malediction
You can melt down the wall with nobody permission
And cross the mountain, it's just my opinion
Arrived or not it is your prediction

Sometime you, you become the problem
Searching for the glory and the famous stardom
Don't flinch, don't blink, don't search for the freedom
You are free but not in the garden of eden
Let go and embrace the moment
Tomorrow is definitely coming
Stay steady stay strong and fight even
All is gonna be alright if you believe in

Steady, strong, what you talking about
Garden, heaven, are you crazy or nuts
Famous and glory you will find out
Don’t tell me it is me the problem and you shuts
It is not you or me the decider for us both
Let me dream about my future and my goals
And see myself beyond as a survivor in Noah’s boat
[We must blame ourselves to not try harder]

— The End —