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elisabeth May 2019
I want to lower myself onto you
Onto your tongue

I want to watch while you reach for me

I grab your hair
Feel me

I want to move with you
Unit I forget

Rise and fall
I try to stay quiet
But I don't care too much

Look at me
Not in my eyes
Watch when I take you
Watch my eyes roll
Watch my hips move

Kiss me
Kiss me please
Kiss my lips my chin my neck my chest my nips my
  May 2019 elisabeth
And when I met you
       I had no idea
That all the seemingly small moments
Would collect like raindrops in a storm

        I didn’t event stand a chance

Swept away

         But ,oh, the ride was beautiful
  May 2019 elisabeth
Bogdan Dragos
the voices said
there's nothing like
waking up deep into the night
and not hearing any voices

and I believed them
elisabeth May 2019
I scroll
Pictures pass as time does

I know more of my own face
Than I do of my words
Who am I?
Is left unanswered
How do I look?
An exhaustive list
Complaints and room for improvement
Although my mind is a stronger tool
I grapple only with the superficial

But I was programmed this way
To judge others
Trained to respond to the outside
Before exploring within

I hate to imagine what is becoming of us
elisabeth May 2019
I wish you knew the damage you've done
But you are so ignorant
I only wanted to give you
At my expense
I cared for you more than myself
I felt guilty

If only I could explode like you
Is it cathartic?
What purpose does it serve?
You only hurt yourself
And me
And the wall
And the chair
But instead I keep mine
I let it flow
Down my face but far from yours
Never explaining to you
The damage you were doing

You filled a piece of me that was missing for far too long
A piece that was none of your business to touch
But I grazed your fingers over it
And pressed your lips into it
Momentary peace
I traded
For my self respect
For my freedom
For my everything

I sank deeper
It wasn't your fault
How could you have known
You truly wanted the best
I think
For us
But we both knew
It wasn't each other
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