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Jennifer Aug 11
You can try to stay away from me
    And me from you
But it is like trying to hold the ocean back from the shore
Eventually you will come crashing into me
I will be covered in you and I am afraid this is how it will always be
In you......
Jennifer Jul 19
The words on the page were like taking a picture of the way a moment felt
Can you feel it?
Read the words
Close your eyes
Let me fill you with words
Jennifer Jul 18
My bed smells like you and it makes me
I wish it could always be this way
Waking up in a tangle of you
Jennifer Jul 17
And I thought I was so strong. That I was better now. That I could indulge myself. That coming to see you wouldn’t set me back. But here I am drowning my wits in alcohol and my heart in you. Always it’s you and my tears fall as wet as they always have.....
Jennifer Jul 17
The morning spills
    over you
             You look so peaceful
         in its light
                     I wish I could let you
                          stay like this
                                     In the light
                          you are beautiful
                                        with the early sun
                                dancing across your
                                                sleepy smile
Jennifer Jul 16
The way I love you fills empty spaces I didn’t know I had
seceip noillim a otni em skaerb uoy evol I yaw ehT
I want to come home to you, I want your name and your ring
ytpme em tfel dna trapa em deppir evah uoy gurd a ekiL
Before you I never understood why a person would choose to build a life with someone
yako ton si uoy evol I yaw ehT
Jennifer Jul 16
Do not give me someone with an unbroken heart
Give me someone who has felt the shadows
Let me be the one who fills the cracks with sunlight
Let me remind them what it feels like to be loved
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