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Jennifer Nov 2020
Sweet gentle girl
Learn to chase happiness with the same enthusiasm you use to chase heartbreak
Feed your soul sunshine instead of shadows and see what new things grow.....
Jennifer May 2020
Most people just want something pretty even if it’s fake.
Not me.
I want a mess.
Let me take your hand so we can jump off sea side cliffs together.
I want to set the world on fire,
I want to kiss in the rain and skinny dip in the ocean under the stars.
Let’s embrace the mess that is life and finger paint rainbows in the sky with our passion
Jennifer May 2020
You walk around handing out compliments like flowers
You throw sweet smelling bouquets at me until I am covered in a rainbow of petals
Sweet empty boy
Keep your flowers
I will not fall at your feet simply because you spoke to me
Show me the mess you keep hidden and the weeds choking your mind
Jennifer Apr 2020
You spin plain words into beautiful poetry and it falls gracefully around me
I pay you with a smile and for a sweet moment I let myself drink it in and feel it’s warmth
The early sun will sober me up, though
Stupid girl, the morning will say
Pretty words are like summer snow and their beauty isn’t meant to stick
Jennifer Apr 2020
I can let you spoon feed me your feelings dipped in sugar until I am choking on them
My easy smile will carry you broken into tomorrow
And maybe
Just for today
That can be enough
Jennifer Apr 2020
The night brings a heaviness I can’t escape.

               As the sun goes down

                the demons come up
    Please sleep get to me before they do....
Jennifer Apr 2020
I fell in love
        On Tuesday
               Then you laughed
                        at my mistake
                                 On Thursday
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