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17.8k · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019
Your silence
My ears
962 · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019
Never let anyone come too close to your heart
Never let anyone take control of your feelings
Never trust what I say!
Another brave word
864 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
I would be broken
Only when
I would be drowning
And would make
No attempt to
811 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
After I looked at the sun
I could see nothing else
How many interpretations?
800 · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019
Were we in a race
To judge
Who gets hurt first?
687 · Jul 2019
Prerna Singh Jul 2019
You are Careless
my dear
You need to
Care less!
687 · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019
.A mistake was made.

And remade in agony
Was another
Of not forgiving the other
Calmly synchronised mistakes make most of our lives
676 · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019
I had to forget you
But I ended up hating you
'Hate' another strong word
566 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
My puppet
Feeds on Fame
It stammers while remembering
A handful of names
She sleeps with her curtains
Wrapping all her pain
With strings made of nerves
And warm days made of rain

She can control
All her thoughts
And untouched soul
Which remains hidden behind the plot
She is a puppet
And she sees with my eyes
And understands with her brain
And if she speaks of rebellion
She would be abandoned
And killed

She would rather betray her dreams
A character at last
Amongst laughter and tears
She would see them
Cherishing her exploitation
In stories she'd receive no love
And appreciation
Oh but she would live through.
A flood for the emotionless
A puppet.

-Prerna Singh
With strings made of nerves
And warm days made of rain
483 · Jun 2019
Be A-part
Prerna Singh Jun 2019

the kneaded grass
kissed her cheeks
as the tender wind
blew by her face

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creating a better world
472 · Jun 2019
Prerna Singh Jun 2019

we are all ready
to write our history
to create one

we live in one
445 · May 2019
Don't give up #1
Prerna Singh May 2019
When your eyes will be drained out
And your mind would be numb
Know that it's not done
Know that it's not done

Let go of the fear
That's cuts when it stays
You are a wonder
And success is not far away.
Give what it takes
444 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
Listen brave warrior

You can make it through
Without them

Believe in yourself
Sometimes we need to change our necessities.
400 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
After a very long time
I saw him smile
I forced one too
390 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
Get out of the illusion
That someone else knows
more about you
Than you do

You know yourself the best
And you know that
373 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
I saw the ******
You call sucide
Less on her wrist
More in her eyes.
Just a small part of 'her'
366 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
I am tired of explaining
About everything
339 · Jul 2019
Long way back home
Prerna Singh Jul 2019
Momentarily deflected from my pace Unusual from the everyday proceedings
I began to trot in a direction
I had sued in my brain
The one I had asked to be shut down long ago
Called me today
I didn't think twice and changed my route
Only to realise
It's going to be a long way back home
316 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
Don't know why I keep
When you are on my mind
288 · Jun 2020
Prerna Singh Jun 2020
bad blood
Just like everyone
Somehow.. there is this one colour beneath our skins.
Irrespective of the colour of your leaves and the amount of pepper and honey in you hearts...
we will bleed red
Irrespective of the tea you drink and the brand you like.
Beyond the line of your forgiveness
Beyond the line of your charity
Beyond the decision of what's right and wrong
There it is
You will bleed red
286 · May 2019
Prerna Singh May 2019
Too many scars
Now make my real skin
263 · Sep 2019
You deserve better
Prerna Singh Sep 2019
Attachment is the key
To pain and to immense love
But few relations are too toxic
To hold on to
The mirror would not reflect
The pain you are going through
So, all those empty times
When your 'IMPORTANT' people
Are hard to find
They remind you to check you priority list
Because you deserve better
256 · May 2019
My rainbow
Prerna Singh May 2019
Your shadow is the
Which appears on every
Dark day
Is that even possible??
251 · Jun 2020
You are shinning!
Prerna Singh Jun 2020
A star that shines
A flower that blooms
When birds sing
And the wind grooms
It reminds you
That you are one of a kind
The sky is the same
And so is space and time
But there you are
So unique and beautiful
And you can fight it all
If you realize
That you are a storm
In the face of this night
And you shine brighter than
202 · Apr 2020
Prerna Singh Apr 2020
The mind left alone with the soul
The soul isolated from fear
Fears itself
72 · Jan 2020
Prerna Singh Jan 2020
i am walking down lanes
i know cant run through these
i know they block my knees
i know that i'd have to breathe the poison in that air
these lanes take me somewhere
this one is dusty and the lights are out
but now i am so used to these sounds
i have met people here
only few of them have stayed by my side
they have their crossroads
and i have mine
i still can't  stop waiting
to meet more of them
few are like candles
and others
are like sweet silent rhythms

— The End —