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Too many Cinderellas
   Never had a glass slipper to lose
      Didn't need no Prince charming
         They preferred bulletproof shoes
This rhymed in my head
Prerna Singh Apr 26
The mind left alone with the soul
The soul isolated from fear
Fears itself

There is really only
One journey. It leads
Deeper and within,
Like to the center
Of the earth
Where it is dark,
Where secrets hide,
Where you are alone.

Harald Edwin Pfeffer 26-1-2020
Prerna Singh Sep 2019
Attachment is the key
To pain and to immense love
But few relations are too toxic
To hold on to
The mirror would not reflect
The pain you are going through
So, all those empty times
When your 'IMPORTANT' people
Are hard to find
They remind you to check you priority list
Because you deserve better
Prerna Singh Jul 2019
You are Careless
my dear
You need to
Care less!
Prerna Singh Jul 2019
Momentarily deflected from my pace Unusual from the everyday proceedings
I began to trot in a direction
I had sued in my brain
The one I had asked to be shut down long ago
Called me today
I didn't think twice and changed my route
Only to realise
It's going to be a long way back home
Prerna Singh Jun 2019

the kneaded grass
kissed her cheeks
as the tender wind
blew by her face

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