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Momentarily deflected from my pace Unusual from the everyday proceedings
I began to trot in a direction
I had sued in my brain
The one I had asked to be shut down long ago
Called me today
I didn't think twice and changed my route
Only to realise
It's going to be a long way back home
Prerna Singh Jun 26

the kneaded grass
kissed her cheeks
as the tender wind
blew by her face

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creating a better world
Prerna Singh Jun 24

we are all ready
to write our history
to create one

we live in one
Prerna Singh Jun 21
.A mistake was made.

And remade in agony
Was another
Of not forgiving the other
Calmly synchronised mistakes make most of our lives
Prerna Singh Jun 9
Were we in a race
To judge
Who gets hurt first?
Prerna Singh Jun 6
I had to forget you
But I ended up hating you
'Hate' another strong word
Prerna Singh Jun 2
Never let anyone come too close to your heart
Never let anyone take control of your feelings
Never trust what I say!
Another brave word
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