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Mohith Feb 2019
When the grey shades creeps
I fly , fly high
I never see the leaves fallen apart,
The dwindling light.
I just fly, high and above
To the zenith.
Mohith Jan 2019
If colourlessness was a colour
Let the world be painted colourless
The world,
In which I can see through you.
The world,
In which you can see through me.
Mohith Dec 2018
You are mist.
The closer you are,
The less I see the world.

Even when you aren't,
I feel the aura you bring.
The stillness you posses,
Make me feel the warmth.

You descent over the paths,
Keeping me idle.
You vanish,
Keeping me spellbound.

But for the visible absence,
You are mist.

— The End —