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 May 2019 sir humbug
Shofi Ahmed
The Hebrew King David sings it once
everyone tunes in as if he stopped the time
it's a song sang in every mother tongue!

It's a sea of tunes flows on the shore of the body
outpours and dances fashioning in both science and art
waxes through every vein and reaches out to the heart.

Folks love to take a dip in this same mellifluent cloud
but it's as varied as all the different mother tongues,
the one rhymes with all floats across the world.
Over all the different rivers that may zigzag
It knows the way because from the ocean they all come.
 Nov 2018 sir humbug
Star BG
A humming poet-bug bit me
It did not sting rather, tickle as words flowed.
They moved into heart where a pool filled.

The outcome...
I am a poet for evermore scribing,
as I swim in waters of verse.
inspired by sir humbug  It made me think of a bug
A lot of people
Seem to dislike me
I suppose
I could claim
It's because I'm a (bold)
Or because my kids are biracial
Or blah, blah, blah
A lot of people don't like me
Because I'm me

— The End —