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Bhumeeka May 2019
The merry distance between us,
Is actually so far.

I am the full moon tonight
You were the brightest star
Both shining on the same sky
Just not at the same time.
Bhumeeka Jan 2019
Let your inner self
Sink in
The way, rain pierced
The cloud
And tip-toed near
The long dead green
  Nov 2018 Bhumeeka
Reagan Brooks
Your sense of direction,
Does not always tell you where to go,
And this is fine,
Sometimes you are in the right place,
When you are in the wrong.

Some people think you are a quiet soul,
I know you are not,
Until they get to know you though,
They will not question why or what.

Often you get lost inside places,
And inside your head,
But I know it’s full of wonders,
Just waiting to be read.
Bhumeeka Oct 2018
You are an embodiment to cinderella story of mine
Holding your hand fleeting between stars I shine
Your sighs on my ears,
Kisses with grace that you built
I wholly surrendered myself to you
With I love you that you lilt
Fighting battle of wright or wrong, I uttered no you knew
Your withdrawn, an utmost regret for pushing you away grew
Wish your sturdy embrace beneath my attire
Lusciously entwined when our solitude in desire
  Oct 2018 Bhumeeka
Ben Estrada
The rainbow with colors bright

The shooting star that dances at night

The setting sun that ends a perfect day

The mountain's view that takes your breath away

The delicate flower that glosses in the morn'

The smiles on the faces, when a baby is born

The elegant flows of a queen's dancing gown

The shimmering jewels on a King's golden crown

Beauty surrounds us all, but sometimes shines right through,

every time we stare at stars, the stars stare at you

When it comes to God's wonders, I've seen a few,

but I've never seen anything as beautiful as you.
One day...

a beauty to behold
  Oct 2018 Bhumeeka
Christina S
A memory suppressed by thirty years
A face stained with biting tears
A life so full of irrational fears
I need you by my side

Like a pinata, I was a toy
Only to be broken, not to show joy
As quiet as a mouse, I was coy
I need you by my side

This all happened in my youth
As no one around me knew my truth
Like a fox "they" thought they were smooth
I need you by my side

They say I have a heart of gold
Despite the story I've never told
Forget all the drama that would unfold
I now can stand alone.
Thanks for reading my poem
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