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 Jun 2014 Tylie
Carsyn Smith
I saw fireworks

Tiny explosions of reds
yellows and purples colliding --
Fourth of July through a kaleidoscope

So much happening
yet my mind sits in a daze
Your lips, your taste, is everything.

My body is numb
The heart dictating all
until its beat rings clear

I saw fireworks
 Jun 2014 Tylie
i s a b e l l a
 Jun 2014 Tylie
i s a b e l l a
Your name falls like snow
frosting over my mind,
dusting my heart lightly.
It keeps my memories
till they're etched in my mind
like ice.
But everyone knows 
that the snow will melt
leaving nothing behind
but my lukewarm heart.
 Jun 2014 Tylie
I'm walking a lonely road again.
Just passed a stretch of happy lane,
Now I'm all alone again.

For me, loneliness is a chill
That must be warded off by thrill,
Lest the biting jaws of cold
**** my finally stable self
And replaces me with seething magma.

I'm walking this dark lonely road
With no end in sight.
Staggering across the tiles,
Counting down the miles.

As old memories start to surround me,
I saw a bright fork in the road.
It hinted at cheerful times.
Despite the warning signs everywhere, I walked towards it,
Too desperate for warmth,
And too starved for touch.
 Jun 2014 Tylie
Poetry by MAN
I am not a poet...I am just a M.A.N
Living in a world where words can stand
Sharing these lines so you can feel
My passion for this art is for real
Infinite emotions I feel inside  
Will not stay silent nor will I hide
Writing clever lines was never a plan
Emotions open up now I understand
Explosion of thought put on paper
Reality smokes all inhale the vapor
Mold it..fold it..write it on a line
Infuse it with my soul than I sign
M.A.N capture your imagination then blend
Too much of me I would not recommend
Scorpio I am..don't play with me
You might get stung by your destiny
I am one finger in a larger hand
I am not a Poet..I am just a M.A.N
M.A.N 6-11-14
 Jun 2014 Tylie
Jacob Oates
She left me

It hurt

Ow my heart

I will get better

I will survive

Love is pain


Our love was like a kite string

I couldn't hold on for too long

the wind was really strong

whoa watch out for that wind

****, it's like a hurricane out in this ****

Wow, I'm very heartfelt

Hopefully someone sleeps with me after I read this at the slam
 Jun 2014 Tylie
Joseph Valle
There are places you exist
in a flowing green dress
that kneads against your body
with every passing breeze
and sand nips at your heels
as you curt by tonned blocks
of cement that smother grass
just off the sidewalk.
They nuzzle киоск stand,
and long to lift self up
to a sea-blue, backdrop dream
that dissolves for years (and years)
and erodes to sewers beneath
with every Charlotte rain
and crumble once again;
a gray-eyed contrast true
of beauty vining through
a city that snuffs roots.

You, and there you go.
 Jun 2014 Tylie
Arsalan Kouser
Just your touch,
A mere caress, a slight graze,
Sets me into a feeling, an indescribable healing,
The insignificance of my soul's bleeding,
Paling to the brilliance of your presence with my wound's sealing.

Without remorse, let us gaze upon another,
As brother to brother,
Or lover to lover,
Or dealer to healer,

With this contemplation,
Let us meet once more,
Even as we realize death is but a door,
To that harbor,
Where we will never again be forced to say farewell.
 Jun 2014 Tylie
Mehma Kunwar
Yet the sun's coming down to earth,
and walks the fields and the waters
Yet the great man's willing to be little
Neither those raised heads
Nor those unguarded egos
Mismatching the faces and matching the souls
Can this heart ever show
look beyond the imperfections
There lies this perfect soul
where this heart has had ached
where this soul has had cried
Now is the time
To show the world,
your built up glory
your glowing charm..
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