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Somethings can touch you deep inside
Can make you want to cry,
Emotions that you can't describe
No matter how hard you try,

The touch of a tiny baby's hand
The fragrance of a flower,
The simplicity of a grain of sand
Or the significance of an hour,

To see the twinkling stars at night
Or taste the fresh homemade pie,
Who needs to question how or when
Who needs to know where or why?

To hear the angelus ring at six
To know that evening is nigh,
We know there's got to be
Somebody bigger than you and I.
  Jan 2016 Mehma Kunwar
A Lopez
I'm a murderer
I've stabbed my own heart.
I'm a thief
I've stolen my own happiness.
I'm a liar
I've told myself how much better things would be.
I'm a slothful woman
I fell asleep.
I'm greedy
I've eaten my own pain.
I'm hungry
Just not for sin again.
in the deepest and utmost corner of my heart
the pain is being hidden

and on the outside
you will witness
my sweetest smile

if only
you will catch a glimpse
behind those eyes
is the loneliness that being kept

if only
you will stop and stare for awhile
you will find out
that i am in despair

i was wondering
if the saying

"in the eyes you will see the real feelings of a person"

is true

because why can't you see?

that i am






the twin of love is pain
Have you ever
taken a picture
of a sunset,
just to realize that
you'll never capture
the true
the intense
the full
of that moment?

Have you ever
taken a picture
of the crescent moon,
only to find that
you'll never catch
the unfolding
the brilliant
the unwavering
of that moment?

That's how I feel
when I try to
write poems
about you.
And yet, here I am, still trying.
  Nov 2015 Mehma Kunwar
People were looking down at me
No, I don't know
Maybe I was the one judging
But their sharp looks made me uncomfortable
Their eyes are burning in blue
The cold hottest look I've got
This ***** Sneakers I wore for years
Tells my story
Don't look at me like that.
  Nov 2015 Mehma Kunwar
Day Wing
What are broken hearts
        ... but souls who dared
May these lines echo deep
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