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soliana Jan 2021
you see my *******
but what i want you to see
is what lies beyond the
skin and ribcage
i want you to see
my heart
and how it yearns for
the admiration of who i am
and not what you see

your fingers pull my hair
but you never seem to reach out
to the mind thats endlessly
aching for you to remember

that i am not an object
made for pleasure

i am human with a mind and soul.

but you’ll see my *******,
you’ll remember the scent of my hair
you’ll touch me in places
that will only give you
a moment of satisfaction
and never a lifetime of contentment

you will finger me and have me wrapped around you
you will admire me endlessly,
whispering sweet nothings
like you're used to saying them

but will you see me the same way
when the morning touches the sheets?
will you kiss me good morning
and tell my eyes the beauty they behold?

this, i think
as i yearn for your warmth
that has become non-existent
when you left me alone in bed.

the bed that was once our heaven has become my hell.
how *** could be addictive when its an afterthought
soliana Dec 2020
is my conscience
who’s listening?
  Dec 2020 soliana
your eyes look like sunset today
don't close them just yet
soliana Dec 2020
it was said that we are more closer to 2050 than we are to 1990. It has the same gap of 30 years and yet both have a different feel towards each other. the past seems so far off because it had lacked what the future only had: hope.

yesterday seemed forgotten but tomorrow was an endless thought. what was done before could never be changed. the things we are about to do hereafter could still be.

now where was the concept of now? it is not forgotten nor is it a thought. it is just “now”. no thoughts no lingering feeling. it is now. and perhaps that is why we dont think about what happens. we think about now.

and that is what we should focus on.

11:42 PM 12/28/20
soliana Dec 2020
the mind is a restless soul. it speaks and it listens.

but it will never feel. that is why it is restless.

the mind cannot know contentment. it cannot know satisfaction. it could only resent but it could never forgive.

the mind is a restless soul. it speaks and it listens.

but the mind could never tell what the heart only knows.
its been two years since ive written anything - 11:41 PM 12/28/20
soliana Jan 2019
As easy as it sounds
Yet the hardest pill to swallow
I guess some people
Just dont want to be with me
The same way i want to be with them
soliana Dec 2018
lips locking
bed and skin clashing
you make me hard
but i wish for another name

skin to skin
your hands are all over me
we get so ******
you turn me on
but she made me happy

your touch makes my skin tingle
i long for anticipation
i have you right now
but you're not what's on my mind
instead i imagine her
and everything just seems to
fall in place

and i never knew
it was exactly
just another mistake.

5:19 PM 12/17/18
be my mistake - the 1975
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