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I remember....
When there was no one
To disappoint me.

I long for those days.
I long to be alone

I would say lonely,
But I already am
 Jun 2017 True Passion
The past is where she
once lived.
But she has moved home
since then.

She loves every
every laugh she
feels now.

I heard she once thought,
‘You fail
to love yourself, dear.
Move home.’

So, she packed her bags.
She did.
But, left them there with
The past.

And went on to build
her dreams.
She believed and she
loved her.

It’s this that saved her
Her life

And she’s saving it

for life.
 Jun 2017 True Passion
I was not born a


I was broken into


 Jun 2017 True Passion
Just like your handwriting
You’re a mess
You hide yourself
By cunning words
Trying to disguise how you really feel
But that’s okay
I see right through the facade
You are the type of guy
Who sometimes cries alone
In his room
The type of guy
Who teases and messes with girls
Making them feel awful
Because it’s hard to express how you really feel
You are the type of guy
Who never shows his inner thoughts
You don’t believe anyone will understand
The chaos in your mind
But that’s okay
I see right through it
I am the type of girl
Who’s willing to put
My heart out there
You are the type of guy
Who never sees
A girl like me.
 Jun 2017 True Passion
A Psalmist
I used to love jumping in puddles,
Not a care in the world.
I'd splash as big as I could.
Now I avoid them
Because, well, that's what grown-ups do.
 May 2017 True Passion
She's planting out her window box
Young shoots are showing through
She thinks about the Springtime
And the garden she once knew

There were primroses and daffodils
Sweet violets white and blue
She thinks about her husband
And when their love was new

Buds and blooms open up
They scent and colour Summer long
She thinks about those happy days
When they were young and strong

Sunset's falling sooner now
Petals drop, the show is done
She gathers up her Winter shawl
Prepares for what’s to come
Delighted to be the daily
Thank you He Po
And thank you Eli Yo
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