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Tristan W Jul 2016
There was nothing in particular.
But the hollow feeling,
The dried up lake,
The empty nest,
Buzzed once more.
The river flowed, the dam had broken.
And there was that rush.
That impalpable feeling.
The forgotten whispers.
The hearts melody trumpeted.
And he felt that which had pervaded him.
He felt the forgotten sways of emotion.
He was falling into the void.
Of which he had longed to see for so long.
And summoning up the courage.
He stepped forth unto the battleground.
And bending forth his aching back,
He met her cheek in hand.
The softness enveloping his rusted hands.
And her breath met his own.
And they kissed.  
As lovers of the soul do.
The remedy of her lips spread.
And the pulse of life beat into his ears.
And all that was once lost was found.
Tristan W Nov 2015
And Yet

The birds floated freely, as if they stood a chance.
And yet the dove hovered quietly, nimble in its dance.

Cloud like objects flew high across the blue tainted sky.
And rain droplets leaked away, and the sky began to cry.

The purity of the dove remained, steadfast against contention.
And it flew ever higher, divine in its Ascension.

But as it reached the top of the blackened charred roof.
It fluttered away immediately, as this was living proof.

It's hopes were set to the heavens, and it denied all defeat.
But the black sky conquered and the dove knew it was beat.

So it fluttered down quickly, and toppled to the ground.
It's soft feathers shattered, yet there was not a sound.

The purest of all creatures, broken to the core.
And the world shook violently as innocence was no more.

Fly freely oh gentle bird, yes fly freely oh dove.
And one day you will conquer, and one day you'll rise above.

Though that day has not arrived, it has yet to be meet.
And the dove shall slink away for now, accepting it's defeat.
Not sure...Not sure.
Tristan W Oct 2015
Late night whispers of sweet tender nothing's that mean the universe,
catching on the wind and protruding from cherry blossom lips.
Floating across the sky, and resting on the bedsheets,
where we have our ears pressed, listening intently.
Hoping to catch the words in our mouths as they bounce from pillow to pillow.
Tristan W Sep 2015
The gravel crumbled underfoot, leaving a stony imprint on the Earth.
The sun gleamed, ascending its rays down to the walked upon path.
My jeans, dirt covered. Simple.
My shirt, wrinkled, I’d forgotten to iron it.
The hotness left it’s maroon imprint on my shoulders, a sunset across my face.
I felt each step crack, the gravel snapping down.
The swelter began to leave my head damp, as if tears were escaping my pores.
I looked at the metal box. 2005 Hyundai.
I looked at the brick wall, the windows tinted as the flower curtain flitted through.
The porch was old, gossamer cobwebs had began to sleep in its corners.
The front door creaked softly, nobody is home.
I stare at the house, the sun glowing brightly.

She left me, and now I occupy this prison alone.
Tristan W Sep 2015
1) It echoes of slumber, dragging the bedsheets with its claws. Beckoning lips to the day.

2) It listens to the grumble seeping from its cracks. It is awake.

3) Turn the dial, let the beast face the fire.

4) I hear it roar, alarm clocks are broken, replacements have been found.

5) The gurgle leaves the chamber, the ceramic has grown sick. Regurgitate, regurgitate.

6) I remember a song... “Tip me over and pour me out.”

7) It flies up, cradling the slumber napping beneath the lids, pin them open til midday.

8) Soot crumbles to the bottom, the muddy cliffs have divulged.

9) Stinging nettle of magma, scaling down the cliffs, fog rolls over its hills.

10) I am short. The beast shall not face me this day. I would lose the battle.

11) The buzz of the alarm clock is obsolete. *** rush the front door. Your tie is loose.

12) Speedy escapades, a slosh of regret, the white shirt is defeated.

13) It went off to bed, down the silver basin. I’ll see you tomorrow morning. Or perhaps the midday shall awaken me.
Tristan W Jul 2015
Your lips drift onto mine, supple as the wings of fairies. As rose petals dance across the night in a corsage of promised love, dropping their fairy dust onto the ash and hickory floor. Our feet bristling across the dancing dust and sending us flitting into the air, floating above gravity's clutch. Gossamer wings sprinkling out from our backs and the eternal space cascading above us. Descending into the night. Holding your pale moonlight marble against me and feeling it's warm glow. My heart sweltering and our passion taking its own form. Dividing into halos above our heads. And as we fly further into the starry sky, our souls intertwine. Angels ascending.
In the works... Prom and her lips makes a good subject for poetry.
Tristan W May 2015
I have never loved as I love you.
Loving you has opened me up.
Opened my heart to a world of color.
Vivid shades of effervescent reds.
Electric blues and pinks fill my heart.
You have changed my life immensely.
Only you, have I loved.
Up to now my life was spent waiting.
Too many hours spent in longing.
Only now I see that fate is real.
That my fate is inescapable.
Heaven came down upon me.
Electrocuted me with a burst of light.
Maybe someday I'll understand why.
Or maybe I won't understand.
Or perhaps I'm incapable of it.
Not knowing may be the best part.
Am I truly in love?
Not being certain is the greatest bit.
Do you love me as I love you?
But the answer doesn't matter.
All I know is my love for you.
Completely enveloped in your light.
Kiss my lips and shock my heart.

(It's like electricity when my heart beats. I love you through space and beyond. Forever.)
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