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  Oct 2015 theunrealist
Tony villet
Feelings of anguish and despair
This vicious cycle has me ensnared
Butcher my heart to pieces
This confirming my thesis
That nobody will care
I'll cause no commotion
Not any emotion
Without a thought
Quickly forgot
Floating breathlessly in the ocean
theunrealist Oct 2015
Individual perception creates alternate realities. Infinite views.
Some shared among many,
Some among few,
Some are created and confined within one.
Objectively, everything is real.
Because nothing is real.
theunrealist Oct 2015
Selfish is the artist,
Secluded by his hand.
His world could fall around him,
He wouldn't give a ****.
In fact, you might just catch a grin above his chin from all the material given to him.
This sort of pride doesn't last long,
It never does.
There is too much pain in his heart for that,
Don't doubt it.
  Oct 2015 theunrealist
Late night thoughts start to creep,
Words, phrases, lines are very deep,
Do you have to visit every night?
Do I still have to listen or begin to fight?

'When will it be my turn?'
It hit me hard, I may never return,
My world starts to crumble,
My heart begins to tumble.

Do you have to visit every night?
You're making everything so tight,
Late night thoughts start to creep,
Please let me sleep.
Can't get you off my mind
theunrealist Oct 2015
Why trick me?
You're smarter than that,
You know lies are transparent.
I know what you're doing, I allow it to happen.
But I sit back and write this,
Rather than push you.
Because I'd like for this not to be my responsibility.
I'd like to avoid being the one to break you.
Mirror mirror on the wall
What is it that you see?
Say not but truth,  I need to know
What others think of me

Do they see my greying hair?
Crows feet about my eyes?
I'm asking you,  my hated friend
For mirror never lie

Perhaps they see a pitied soul
That life had rendered worn
Or do they see my lying grin
And eyes that spill with scorn?
Just something little that was nagging in my head :)
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