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Tony villet Oct 2015
This, my ballad to the damsel in my dreams
To the nights spent longing for love's first taste
The sparkle in your eye, how it shines, how it gleams
My desire for your nurturing heart, your warm embrace
Just the harmony of your voice to stifle my screams
Or the musical melody dancing across your face
  Oct 2015 Tony villet
Emily Fell
We, the Midnight Wanderers
Take pride in our nocturnal sensations,
Stalk the moon in its exposed manner,
For we gain comfort from its loyalty,
And wish we lived upon its lies.
  Oct 2015 Tony villet
Emily Fell
You're like the sweet smell of rain,
The petrichor falling upon my lips,
And you never cease to keep me in awe.

The delight of you is strong,
But you never stay long enough
For me to fully appreciate
The feeling of your presence.

So next time you greet me,
And let me show you what it's like
To roam the earth so whimsically.
Tony villet Oct 2015
Feelings of anguish and despair
This vicious cycle has me ensnared
Butcher my heart to pieces
This confirming my thesis
That nobody will care
I'll cause no commotion
Not any emotion
Without a thought
Quickly forgot
Floating breathlessly in the ocean

— The End —