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 Jan 2016 Theia Gwen
If you break a poets heart
You will live on forever
Everything they say will be infused with aftermath of you
The emotions
Loneliness you left with them
Will fill all thier writing
Inspired them to write more
You will be a co-author in millions of poems
The inspiration to thousands works of art
And you won't even know it
You wont even know in a hundered years you will still live on
You dont know about your newly found
Your body, your mind, heart and soul,
All combined, set a goal
To start today; no better time
If you really want this
You need to strive. Work for your goals,
Work as hard as you can
Staying focused, you need a plan

You're pushed to your limits;
That's what you think. You can reach it,
You just need to believe.
Believe in yourself, have some faith,
I know it's not easy
Make no mistake, comes from within
This new strength you shall find,
Conquer your goals, body and mind.

© Karen L Hamilton, 2013
I wrote this two years ago when I was training for a half marathon, it was a huge struggle mentally and a massive test... dedication, motivation and positivity kept me focused  (with a bit of hard work added in for good measure)

I raised £1850 for a charity in Australia called 'The Bushwalkers Wilderness Rescue Squad' who had a huge involvement in the search for a much missed friend.

I found out one week after running the race I was pregnant.
 Nov 2015 Theia Gwen
Joseph Paris
I want to dedicate myself
to coming up with a phrase
that will be repeated and remembered
for all time
Something like
still water runs deep
look before you leap
or even
Little Bo Peep has lost her sheep
Four or five simple words
How hard can that be, right?  Ha
 Nov 2015 Theia Gwen
Megan H
Reminded me of the beautiful china
In my grandmother's house
Strong, shiny, beautiful
Worth a lot
But even the best observer
Couldn't see the chips in the glassware
The many times the china had been dropped
No one could actually tell that it was broken
But I could tell.
Because even though sometimes I looked
Strong, shiny, and beautiful,
I was broken as well.
 Nov 2015 Theia Gwen
Dark pools
 Nov 2015 Theia Gwen
I like her black dress,
the way it pools at her feet.
How she walks to the bed,
spilling over my sheets.
I drown in the depth
of her eyes.
Eyes heavy
Mind dull
Body weary
Weak sure

Bed comfy
Pillow fluffy
Sleep now
Good... zzzz.
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